What we're about

The short and sweet: Free training and sparring pick-up group in Central park by west 85 st. All styles of striking and grappling, train at your own pace. everyone 18 +yr older

Manhattan Martial Arts is a free meetup with 3 events/classes a week. Beginner friendly.

For the people checking out the group for the first time, here is our review page: https://www.meetup.com/ManhattanMartialArts/about/comments/?op=all

This group is for nice people who have an interest and/or experience in martial arts. If you are a beginner or new to martial arts then congratulations, you have found the best value you will ever find when it comes to martial arts in Manhattan. With over 20 years of martial arts experience, and 8 years running the group, we have cultivated the spirit of a dojo. In Manhattan Martial Arts we learn, have fun, make friends, challenge ourselves, and each other.

If you are already experienced then also congratulations, you have found an MMA playground, an oasis compared to the ego-filled open mats one often finds when trying to widen our individual martial art's perspective. Come sharpen your skills, try out your style against others, learn new techniques, and meet likeminded individuals!

Meetups will usually run in three segments: warm-ups, drilling (including hitting pads), and then light sparring.

You can jump in and out at any time. Communication is key in sparring, specially when people want to go a bit harder

Our members come from very varied backgrounds and thus styles, with varying levels of skill. What is uniform is the respect, control, and general comradeship that has been a key element of our meet up. We also have a small (growing) network of martial art schools, coaches, and meetups that we are starting to collaborate with.

When the weather is fine, we meet in Central Park just off Central Park West and 86th Street; in the colder months, we meet at studio spaces, and locations that are announced one or two days prior to each session latest. Join us!*

You can check out our instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/manhattan_martial_arts/

Our facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/manhattanmartialarts

You can read more about the group and donate here: https://www.patreon.com/manhattanmartialarts (Main donation page)

*PLEASE NOTE: This is a fun and friendly training environment. However, given the intense physical nature of our activities, injuries will occur from time to time. THE ORGANIZERS OF THIS GROUP ARE IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES THAT MIGHT OCCUR.

*RULES OF ENGAGEMENT* When sparring we adhere to the common 50%, 2/3rds strength when sparring that is common practice in many dojos and camps. If you wish to engage harder, just communicate with your partner beforehand so you both are on the same page (there are many of us who have no issues with ramping up the intensity). We are here to test each other and test ourselves, learn from each other and ultimately learn about ourselves. Strength is not just how hard you can punch, but having discipline and control as well.

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