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Self-care, includes self healing, self mastery and self love- they are all aspects of ourselves that need to be integrated as acts of mindful nurturance of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Do you ever forget to take care of the whole of yourself as part of your daily ritual? Have you always wanted to understand what it means to love yourself? Do you want to develop the self healing tools to reconnect to your authentic power and remember your true essence? Do you want to learn more about ancient practices such as plant medicines that support us to clear energy blocks and all that no longer serves us so we may reconnect to deeper love and joy within? Do you want to learn more about eastern practices for balance and nurturing?

Emotions are the energy and force of your soul that drive, how we feel about ourselves and others and the way we act or behave. It's only by your own self mastery that you will put yourself in a position to remember the truth of who you really and increase your capacity to manifest and create the life you want.

Our meetup is an enchanted intimate gathering for like minded women to meet and connect to consciously align with our wholeness in a beautiful safe and nurturing space in London infused with unconditional love and acceptance. That allows a profound spiritual connection to our true essence and remembrance of our unique designed paths of service in the world. We remember the secrets of life, the wisdom within, and the tools we need to navigate our way through it. We come together with open minds and hearts, to connect, to share, and to be inspired becoming masters of destiny. We will have inspirational woman that will be invited to guide and inspire a deeper understanding of selfcare, selflove and self healing + practices and tools that will support you to integrate your wholeness and contribute to your evolution and collective consciousness with intention.


• Reclaim the power of your voice and connecting to your true essence

• Boundaries and remembering your self worth

• Emotional awareness

• Astrology- understanding how to work with the cycles of the moon (Feminine essence)

• Loveability- the key to feeling good enough

• Inner child- understanding your needs

• Increasing your confidence- letting go of playing small, learn to take up space

• Pleasure, play and creativity- coming home to your joy

• Choosing Love and embracing Authentic Power- reclaiming disowned parts of ourselves from darkness into light through awareness

• The power of plant medicine- powerful cacao ceremony and dance

• Plant medicine San Pedro/wachuma ceremony

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Nurturing the inner child


Unlocking the power of your voice



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