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Do you feel like an Observer rather than a Participant in this Game of Life? Looking for something more beyond this physical plane? 20 years ago I read a book that transformed my way of thinking about spirituality and religion and opened my mind to the boundless possibilities that the universe offers us all. We just have to look IN to find it. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is a fictional story based around a set of spiritual laws that will ultimately help us attain a higher level of consciousness. In short it is about a manuscript that has been found in the jungles of Peru that pre-dates the Bible and teaches us 9 insights that we must grasp and understand before we can transcend to Spirit. My circumstances and beliefs forbid me from embracing any of mans Religions because of the strict rules that govern churches and their narrow minded beliefs. Whatever happened to an understanding caring forgiving God that judges not? Although my knowledge of the Wairua(spiritual realm) is limited I am very interested in learning more about Synchronocity and Transcendence For all those interested in Synchronocity, Transcendence, The Spiritual Realm, Wairua and the Journey Home then this is a great platform for us to share, learn and understand these concepts.

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