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Do you like Elephants? If your answer is yes, then please join the herd of thousands around the world that will march on Saturday, September 24, to help save the world's most iconic creature from extinction. Did you know... that Elephants could become extinct in less than 10 years? that 1 Elephant is killed every 15 minutes... 100 Elephants are killed every day that 35,000 Elephants are killed every year for ivory trinkets? that poachers are also terrorists that use the money from the illegal sale of ivory to fund their terrorist groups? Did you know that by marching on September 24, you can be their voice? Please click on this link and sign up here.. it's free and it's easy. Just show up at Citizen Yoga at 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 24...bring your family, friends, dogs are welcome too. Be a voice for the voiceless and march for future generations because we all know that the world is better with Elephants in it.

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Due the rise in Elephant poaching, trophy hunting and human conflict there are more and more baby elephants left alone in Africa to perish in the hot African sun, left alone without protection from their herds to become prey, left alone to die of starvation as there is no momma to nurse them. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is a non-profit safe haven in Niarobi National Park in Africa, for the babes left behind... the DSWT provides a safe haven for the orphaned baby elephants to live their lives where each elephants is hand fed sustainable milk (twice per day) and loved by the keepers in order to help them grow and become happy healthy elephants. To date the DSWT has successfully hand-raised over 150 infant elephants and has successfully integrated many of their rescued elephants back into the wild after years careful fostering and integration. Some of the elephants have even had wild babies of their own once introduced back into the wild after years of bonding and forming their own special herds. This special fundraiser will take place on March 3, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Hartfield Bowling Alley in Berkley, Michigan. There will be a food, beverages, a silent auction and door prizes along with a cash bar. Please form your own herd of 6 and sign up as a team or come on your own and form your own herd with other like-minded elephant advocates. 100% of the money raised will benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife's orphans. If you are unable to attend there will be a website to donate to this special cause. Please email me at if you have questions or comments. Who's got milk...the David Sheldrick Wildlife does because of people like you! Trunks up!

Will send updates and websites for signing up in the future. Stay tuned and share with your friends.

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