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The Marietta Preppers Networking Group meets at the TruPrep store at 1000 Cobb Pkwy N Ste B, Marietta, GA 30062.

The purpose of the group is to share preparedness knowledge with new and seasoned Preppers and also to provide a safe place to network with fellow Preppers. The group is open to people of all levels of preparedness knowledge including those just getting started in prepping or even just curious about prepping.

The Meetups are broken down into:


• Free. Repeating schedule. Class setting.

Specialty Class:

• Cost will vary. Taught by a Specialist in his/her field.


• Free, Last Saturday of each month. Changing topics.

Hosted Events:

• We are happy to host events from third parties. If you are interested in have your event hosted at our location, please let us know.

The Workshops & Socials are led by seasoned Preppers, TruPrep associates Wes and David

• Wes comes to Truprep from Prepper's Vault, where he successfully helped thousands in their preparedness journey. Wes has an active GA POST certification and spent several years working patrol with KSU PD. Whether it be building a bug out bag, traveling with portable solar, first responder medical, body armor or bushcrafting - Wes is your guy.

Wes loves to travel to events and seminars to speak and advise on Prepping, Preparing or Private Meetings.

Upcoming events (2)

LawShield is coming to Truprep! "Should I Shoot?"

1000 Cobb Pkwy N

Sign up here: https://texaslawshield.secure.force.com/pmtx/evt__QuickEvent?id=a2z6e00000cAUpC

Sign-up TODAY! Space is limited, type FRIEND in the promo code area upon checkout and come as our guest for FREE!

You are cordially invited to attend this amazing Gun Law Seminar, Should I Shoot? Simplified Deadly Force Decision Making...Wednesday, June 30th, from 6pm to 8pm.

If YOU are a NEW gun owner, or just want some answers in regards our self-defense laws, then this is a MUST-attend workshop!

Our event is being hosted by TruPrep, 1000 Cobb parkway N, Suite B, Marietta, GA. We will feature experienced attorneys, law enforcement, and other firearms professionals who cover a wide-range of topics such as the Castle Doctrine, the justified use of deadly force, where you can legally carry, what to expect when law enforcement arrives, and much more. Every event has dedicated question-and-answer segments to ensure all attendees are able to get the information they want to know from a credible source they can trust.

All attendees will receive the U.S. Law Shield publication (When Can I Legally Shoot? Knowing The Law Of Deadly Force,) a $19.95 value, FREE for registrants. This publication explains the ins-and-outs of the law of the deadly force in plain language, helping you understand when you are legally allowed to pull the trigger.

What topics will be explained at our events?

The legalities of the Castle Doctrine;
When the use of deadly force is legally justified;
Where you can legally carry; and
What to expect when law enforcement arrives.
Sign-up TODAY! Space is limited!

Close Personal Protective Measures by Precision Applications

Cost: $250
Do not pay on this site.
Contact Rob Shephard directly for payment and registration:
Course fees are due in advance to reserve your slot.
Payment accepted: cash, checks, MO's, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp.

Coarse Description:

Topics covered will include, but are not limited to:
Firearms retention
Firearms "take backs"
Offensive knife
Open-handed knife defense

The class will center around the handgun-carrying individual. On the knife work, the main gist will be how to defend against the sudden attack and access your firearm. This class is an excellent follow-on or precursor to my Extreme Close Quarters Shooting Class, as well as being a must for anyone who carries a handgun on a regular basis.

Your required gear will include your duty/carry handgun, along with the rig that you use for regular carry. If you are carrying with a CCW, or a LEO carrying UC or plainclothes, then a covering garment is required as well.

If you have a training barrel for your handgun, please bring it. If not, a Barrel Blok will be provided for you. Inert training pistols are also acceptable. Contact me if you have any questions.

Dress comfortably; we'll be in a mat room, getting a bit sweaty, and the course will be physical.

I will be assisting in the class; the Primary Instructor will be Jeff Edwards. Jeff has been in Law Enforcement for 20 years. He retired from St. Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office in Louisiana in 2002 and has been employed with Department of Homeland Security since then. Jeff was on the Sheriff’s SWAT Team where he served as Team Leader for the last two years. He was a Sergeant on Criminal Patrol before transferring to the Sheriffs Office Training Division. Jeff holds numerous Instructor certifications including Louisiana POST Certified Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and Emergency Vehicle Driving Instructor, while maintaining his role as SWAT Team Leader. Currently he is employed by the US Government where he is certified as a Federal Firearms Instructor, Defensive Measures Instructor, and a Tactics Instructor. Jeff has had extensive handgun, shotgun, and tactical rifle training from several courses throughout the country. He has trained or trained with personnel from specialized military units such as US Army Rangers, Delta, and US Navy SEALs. While in the Atlanta area Jeff has trained numerous Local, State, and Federal Agencies with an emphasis on combat related issues. Jeff is certified as a Personal Trainer with the International Fitness Association and a Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator through the Cooper Institute. His physical fitness training consists of weightlifting, cross-fit exercising, and martial arts (Muay Thai).

The class will be limited to 12 students at a fee of $250 per student. I accept cash, checks, MO's, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Course fees are due in advance to reserve your slot.

If you would like Georgia POST credit, or a certificate, please let me know in advance.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Semper Fi!

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