What we're about

"As a lover of any work of Plato, I have grown a liking towards the Socrates method of conversation. It acts as proof that we know everything and nothing at the same time."

This meetup will bring together a group of philosophy lovers (or people who just love pushing the truth of their beliefs) for a fun discussion of an abstract concept/issue affecting the lives of those around them. Examples include: love, justice, piety, knowledge, truth, art, courage, responsibility, individualism etc.

The common theme is that all of these concepts are usually expressed as one word but require many, many more words to really get to the essence behind them, and many times not reach the truth behind these words.

If any of this sounds interesting, head on over for one of our meetings and I'm sure you'll find some friends :)

Disclaimer: As a philosophy group, it's very likely that we'll be discussing topics many people find uncomfortable or disturbing. Remember, we are not discerning the actual truth, but the many possibilities and paths our minds are capable of following.

In the end, philosophy is a means of thinking for yourself, not a means of forcing your truth on others.

Hope to see you soon.

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