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Science of Spirituality or Sant Mat method of meditation, Sant Mat means the “Path of the Saints,” reflects the core teachings of saints and mystics through the ages. People new to this path often say they are attracted by its simplicity, integrity, and effectiveness in fostering spiritual growth. Although Sant Mat was born centuries ago in India, it is in many ways ideal for the modern seeker. Followed under the guidance of a living spiritual Master, these teachings couple meditation on the inner Light and Sound with an inclusive, positive way of living. It focuses on the inner dimension through meditation, a deep spiritual essence known as mysticism. Mysticism looks beyond rites, rituals, and scriptural knowledge and pursues spirituality as a matter of personal inner experience. Sant Mat expresses the deepest values of every great spiritual tradition—love for God, compassion for God’s creation, and a daily life grounded in ethical values. Sant Mat’s unique contribution is distilling these noble ideals into a simple, universal spiritual path and then providing the tools and techniques to make them a personal reality.

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Meditation- Importance and Benefits of Satsang

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Meditation - True Purpose of Life

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