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The world needs healing. I believe women will be at the forefront of that healing. My dream is for all women to align with their authentic selves and to shine their brightest, spreading that vitality and vibrancy with everyone around them. Let’s have more YUM in our lives!

This community is here to help you find your purpose, discover your authenticity and grow your self-love by connecting with nature. Together we will reconnect with ourselves and renew the spark that may be dampened by busy-ness, operating on autopilot, being attached to our devices, giving too much to others or not living your purpose.

If you’re in a new phase or contemplating a second act, if you value nature and beauty, if you have done all the “right” things and still feel that something is missing, if you’re tired of feeling tired, this group is for you.

We will gather in beautiful, natural places throughout Marin county to unplug and recharge, to connect with nature and one another, and to rediscover our perfect, vibrant inner spirit. We'll gather to share our experience and benefit from one another's wisdom, letting Nature inform and influence us in new ways. We will ignite our intuition!

I’m Janine Aurichio, Life Stylist and women’s transformation coach, and I’ll be your host. Nature has been my comfort and joy since I was a little girl; it’s where I feel most connected to Spirit/God/Higher Power/Source (insert your word here). Nature and Beauty are two of my guiding principles and I believe they will help save the world. They have helped me to heal and to grow and I want to share that with as many women as possible. I hope you’ll join us.

One ground rule: Our sole purpose is to support and encourage one another. Aka, please don't yuk her yum :) Namaste.

Note: photographs will be taken at events and used on Meetup and for other promotional activity. Please let me know at each event if you do not want your picture taken. Thank you.

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