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Gay Sailors II

Gay Sailors on meetup.com has been a very popular posting on this site.
Many people have signed up and many people have come sailing on my Catalina 34 Mark II
Sailboat, Katrina, in Marina del Rey. I am new to LA so I needed to find new volunteer sailing crew to help me sail Katrina.

There is now a small core of regular crew and we have sailed many types of sailing exploits.

Katrina is best enjoyed underway with 5-7 crew plus me as Captain. Consequently, we no longer have space for passengers who want a free ride but don’t want to learn how to sail. Space is at a premium and needs to be reserved for those who really want to learn how to sail and are attuned to the extraordinary beauty of the sport of sailing.

Yes, sailing is a sport not a job!

You may sign up on this site and we will post here our sailing events. But you are probably best served to also email me at ddecoste@earthlink.net to be added to our private email distribution for additional details about our sailing opportunities. You should do this so you can have sent to you the rules you will be expected to observe if you sail with us. Unlike most sailing opportunities in Marina del Rey we do not charge you for our regular excursions. We simply want you to be a regular participant with a desire to learn how to sail…

In Marina del Rey sailing is a year round activity. Winter sailing is a bit cooler but the air is more sparkling and clear…

The Rules:

No smoking and no drugs

No alcohol while underway

No sandals or flip flops or hard leather soles or black rubber soles.

You are responsible for your own sun block, hat, sun glasses and Dramamine
if needed.

You may sail with us only if you provide notice of your intent to sail by email or
text at least one day ahead of a sailing event. If you want to bring a guest(s)
you must request permission to do so. We need to understand the head count
expected for each sailing event.

Participants are advised to use the restroom facilities at the dock before departure.
The head on the sailboat should not be used except in exceptional circumstances.

Safety Disclosure:

All sporting activities including sailing involve inherent risk of accidents that could
lead to injury—even serious injury. If you choose to participate in a Katrina sailing
event you must be willing to assume personally these inherent risks. If you ask to
bring a guest you must inform your guest(s) of this safety disclosure and the rules
listed above.

This is not a commercial venture. For day sailing you are not asked to pay for your
day on the Bay. But to participate you must sign a liability release before boarding the sailboat.

Special Disclosure:

When conditions are favorable some participants have been choosing to swim off
the sailboat in deep water. You may do so only if you are an excellent swimmer.
Every effort is made to make this activity safe. We have engaged in this fun activity
many times without incidence. Nevertheless, in the past 100 years there have been
50 fatal shark attacks in southern California waters.

Additionally, many participants have chosen to swim in the nude.

Katrina: To see the type of vessel you will be sailing on you can google Catalina 34 Mark II.
There you will see a generic vessel type although Katrina herself is a bit more decked out…

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