A Multi-Model Approach to Data Integration - Documents and Triples (and Tables!)

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The main challenge - and opportunity - facing enterprises today is not the *volume* of data at their disposal, it's the *variety* of data.

Important information is kept in silos in many formats and shapes, with little or no semantic context.

If only you could integrate this data into a 360 view of the customer/patient/Bad Guy/assets/risks you could get more insights and make better decisions.

Doors open at 5pm.

Session kicks off at 5.30pm

Stephen Buxton, Product Manager MarkLogic is our main speaker at this session.

These are the topics Stephen will cover:

- the Document Model - why it's more expressive and more flexible than the relational model

- Triples - when and where to leverage the power of graphs and semantic technologies

- Documents and Triples together - how the two data models can be intertwingled for a flexible, semantically-rich model

- SQL - a sneak peek at the upcoming release of MarkLogic 9, where you can add SQL to the mix

Stick around for pizza and beers and talk to our experts. John Snelson, MarkLogic expert will also be available.

Speaker Bio

Stephen has been a Product Manager at MarkLogic since 2005, based in Silicon Valley. Before that, he was a Product Manager at Oracle for many years. He specialises in search, semantics, and SQL.