What we're about

Join other local entrepreneurs, marketers, startups and SMEs in achieving "Marketing Mastery" at this free, regular meetup.

Marketing and Sales is the lifeblood of small businesses. We help teach you how. Each meeting, we will cover a crucial topic in detail and run a Q&A session for members to help you with your marketing, sales and small business success.

We will be sharing with you high-level content and concepts from our training, coaching and consulting work. If you want to get a "heads up" on some of the ideas, perspectives and insights into Marketing Mastery, it could be useful to attend one of our webinars or seminars. Use this link ( http://adamclark-oobacreative.eventbrite.com/ ) to see when the next ones are.

We really look forward to ensuring everyone has a fantastic learning experience at this meetup and hope you can come along.

What is it all about?

• Do you know your Value Proposition?

• Do you have your Mission, Vision and Values documented?

• Do you have a series of Empathy Maps and Client Avatars?

• Have you mapped your Comms landscape?

• Have you mapped your customers journey through the Comms landscape and know how the arrive at your business?

• Have you set up Marketing Automation Platforms?

• Do you tell emotional stories?

• Do you work on your Ladder of Loyalty and know how to progress clients through it?

• Do people talk about your brand... and, if so, how?

• Do you know what triggers your clients have for initiating their need?

• Do you create Social Currency and ensure you leave "public dust" and practical value?

• Do you understand Marketing Leverage and work daily to maximise it?

• Do you have an Innovation Strategy?

That's Marketing.

Did you know that Apple have NEVER tweeted. Never. Much of what is out there as Marketing is trivial, hamster wheel trash activities that keeps small businesses paralized by the plethora of possibilities... most of which are painfully lacking in any long term results. That's what I want to teach people at this group.

Important Note

Tips, hacks, 'marketing blue-prints you can copy', quick tricks and snake oil are not what the group is about from me. Others in the group can share tactics, tips and advice on specifics which relate to their skills... However, my intention for the group is to attract people who are interested in achieving excellence in Marketing when you're a small business owner. Or helping small business owners. Or work for a small business owner.

I don't want you to come along if you are just after selling your services or looking for easy 'marketing hacks'.

If you get their core marketing right, then you will be confident in your marketing activities. This group is here to try and help that happen.

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