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Some initial success is always encouraging. What after that? If you feel traction has been sluggish, conversions are far fewer or you need to grow since you have ESTABLISHED by now, then embrace the reality - initial success was due to unplanned, random doses of experimental sales effort that generated few paid transactions.

Design the repetitiveness of business from existing and new customers, by undertaking a structured approach to marketing. Marketing for Scale attempts to unravel some of the mysteries of this design. It will cover

1. How to make Strategy at the center of sales & marketing push?
2. How to identify growth possibilities?
3. What preparation is needed?
4. Understand customer psychology well - how?
5. How to differentiate and choose the marketing channels judiciously?
6, Clues to identify growth inhibitors?

This 90 to 120 minute session will use case examples to illustrate the points made. Wherever possible, audience cases can be taken up to provide specific advice relating to the discussed topic.

To register: http://go.eventshigh.com/m43x

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Marketing for Scale


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