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Ever feel like you’re out in the marketing wilderness? Like you're full of ideas, but don't have a team around you to bounce them off? Like the world of marketing is moving so fast it's hard to keep up? Like you're nailing some bits of your job but totally blagging others? 🤷

Then come join our monthly adventures in marketing.

Chock-full of practical content, blissfully free of wanky business jargon, and fuelled by free booze (or soft stuff if you prefer), this group marketing therapy will relight your creative fire 🔥

You can share ideas, gripes, and experiences with other local marketers just like you – plus learn practical and relevant stuff that will make your job feel less overwhelming and help your marketing efforts actually pay off 🤑

So join the group here or sign up for email updates at *marketingcamp.uk* to stay hot on the trail of our upcoming meetups.

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Social Summer: Facebook

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This month’s speaker is freelance content marketer Daisy Rose, AKA The Content Queen. Daisy was born and bred in Kidlington, absolutely loves her work but especially enjoys (and has a ton of experience with) working with fashion and beauty brands, and has recently embraced sewing - a pastime which is oddly turning out to be more stressful than anticipated.

She'll be helping us learn how to get the best out of Facebook - no matter what your business is and whether you're a B2C or B2B brand - from understanding those all-important algorithms to learning about key functions you might not be aware of. She'll also be giving us some insider tips and insights gleaned through her current project with John Lewis, exploring how Facebook Groups can drive customer loyalty and brand love. So come along if you want to discover how best to grow your online presence in an authentic, transparent way through Facebook and, most importantly, build a loyal community to be part of that journey with you.

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Social Summer: Instagram

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This month’s speaker is Annabel Lee, freelance copywriter and comms consultant. Annabel lives in Bicester, is a trained yoga teacher as well as a mum to two adorable kids and an even adorabler cockapoo called Gatsby, and is currently obsessed with luxe leopard-print lounge wear.

She’ll be walking us through what it takes for your business to build an engaged and responsive community on Instagram. We'll tackle some basics first - like what kinds of content work best and when to post, practical tips and resources for creating quality visuals, guidance on hashtags, and how to make sure you've got a clear and appealing bio. Then we'll also be diving deeper into things like how to make the most of trends, the pros and cons of paid advertising, the etiquette of engaging with others on the platform (both the people following you and the people you follow - including your competitors!), and how to track what is and isn't working.

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Making your marketing more inclusive

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This month’s speaker is Nicola Barretto, the Communications Coordinator at Brookes Enterprise Support. Nicola lives in Headington (though she originally hails from Kenya), is a massive foodie, and is pretty sure she's Manchester United's biggest fan.

She’ll be taking the vital but all-too-often vague topic of EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) and giving us tangible examples of how to make it a reality in our day-to-day work. Based on her own - and her team's - experiences, she'll be sharing practical ways we can make everything we do in marketing more inclusive and accessible. We'll also leave a slightly longer chunk of time for Q&A than usual, so we can share ideas across the group.

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Getting the most out of your email marketing

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This month’s speaker is Red Barrington, Director of Red Star digital marketing agency and course manager at the Oxford College of Marketing. She lives in south Oxfordshire, enjoys boxing (don't get on her bad side), and is an enthusiastic frequenter of gin distilleries.

She'll be helping us think more strategically about email marketing, starting with making sure we're clear on why we're emailing people at all and knowing exactly what we want from them. Then we'll be digging down into what makes a compelling email, from subject lines and content ideas to strong calls-to-action. Plus we'll have a look at the practicalities like managing and segmenting your email lists and responding to the data to keep learning from and improving your email communications over time.

Book your (free) spot around the campfire here 👉 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/getting-the-most-out-of-your-email-marketing-registration-167208778959

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Social Summer: Twitter

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