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Eat, Play, Chat

Cantonese? Living in or near Markham, Richmond Hill, North York or Toronto (GTA)? Looking to increase your circle of friends? Ready to Eat, Play or Chat? Then this group is for YOU!

Our events are not just limited to Markham only as they are also held in Richmond Hill, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, GTA aka Toronto etc. & anywhere fun.

Basic Cantonese conversational skill is not a necessity NOR a requirement to join. Feel free to join our group even if you cannot converse in Cantonese.

EAT: Explore and review new & current restaurants, get together for Dim Sum on weekends, ACYE Japanese, Hot Pot, Korean BBQ, Winterlicious & Summerlicious or just simply desserts time =) Our food outings will be all across Toronto/GTA, whether it is in Toronto, North York or Markham etc. We go where the good foods are =)

PLAY: Enjoy numerous hours of fun playing board games, prep up your racquet for weekly badminton, dust up your running shoes or hiking boots for urban hiking, explore beautiful scenery through photography hike - Let’s get out and get active!

CHAT: BBT? Coffee or Tea? Share your stories & life experience. Kid around by telling jokes. Brainstorm or suggest a meetup idea with the group. Share new Cantonese words or expressions that you heard. Chat anything or nothing at all - 吹水 a.k.a blow water ahh :)


Before joining the group… here are a few RULES:

*This is NOT a dating site or dating service nor is it just solely for singles! Couples are welcome!

While connections may naturally happen between members, the purpose of our group is not to provide a forum for members to "pick up" other members. If you happen to meet someone from this group and build a relationship with them, that's great. We just don't want people feeling "pressured" or feel that this group is some sort of dating network!

Therefore, please respect this group and our members.

*Any irresponsible behaviour should be reported to the Leadership Team. If another member or other members complain with legitimate reason & proof, then the member is banned from the group.

*All members need to have their current & real profile picture uploaded on their profile group page so that we can recognize the member when he/she attends one of our events. Please do not remove your profile picture AFTER being approved as this may lead to removal from this group. If you change your profile picture once accepted to a restricted image, this will be grounds for removal.

*Note: We reserve the right to reject you without any explanation. Our team may also remove member(s) from the group without giving a reason.

Please also take a moment to review our Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy:



RSVP Rules & Policies

Since our organizers have put a lot of effort & work into planning & dedicating their time to organizing events to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for our members, when you RSVP "YES" to one of our events, it is with the understanding that you are able to make it on the date you have signed up for. Therefore, you are expected to commit to your RSVP & observe the following RSVP policies.

1. 100% Sign Up Rule: When you sign up for an event it means that you are 100% sure that you can make it. RSVPING does not mean that you "LIKE" an event but you will be showing up. This means that you have not signed up for any other Meetups the same day and that you can make it (you will be in the city).

2. RSVP Cancellation Deadline: Every event does have a RSVP cancellation deadline. This deadline is clearly written and indicated on the event's page, in the event description (usually in Bold). The deadline means that it is the last time and day in which you can cancel your RSVP. After this deadline, you are considered committed to your RSVP to the event. If you need to cancel or update your RSVP, please cancel before the indicated deadline on the event description page. At times, the organizer may have the RSVP open pass the RSVP deadline for more people to sign up. However, it does not mean the RSVP can be updated or changed to no without incurring a penalty of Late Cancel or a No Show.

3. Late Cancellation (LC): If you cancel your RSVP AFTER the RSVP cancellation deadline mentioned on the event description, you are now considered to have Late Canceled (LC) for the event. You will receive a LC remark on your profile.

4. No Show (NS): If you RSVP'd "YES" to an event BUT you did not show up to the event, you will be consider as a No Show to the event. Note: if special or unusual circumstances applied to your No Show; it is up to you to inform the event organizer(s). Also, it is at the sole discretion of the organizer to remove the ban or apply a no show strike on your profile.

5. Three (3) Events Strikes Policy: If you have a combined total count of 3 (three) strikes / warnings Late Cancel , No Show etc. on your profile, your membership with the group will be terminated.

For more details, please take a moment to visit our RSVP Policies page:


Note: The Majority of Rules & Policies as well as the Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy listed here are Copyright (R) 2014 of Asians In Toronto (AIT). All rights reserved. No part of the publication of this member's policies may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means. Permission received from the organizer Steve from AIT/TAG for usage of these rules and policies.

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