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Welcome to Mark's Video Games meetup group. This group is for anyone interested in playing any kind of video game as a social event with others in the same room.

Please join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/anWRUpp) to connect with our group and communicate and ask any questions you might have.

I am Mark, the creator and responsible person for this meetup group. With this group I would like to put the word "social" back into video gaming. In the old days, we would sit around a television with a console hooked up, or around an arcade machine, and everyone would take turns playing. Sometimes we would even hold off tournaments with up to 6 players taking turns! :-) The fun didn't come just from playing itself, it also came from watching how everyone else did, from commenting like in a sports-match, from discussing how to beat the game, from trying to be better than others, or just generally from the social event. Back in the days I thought that was great, and with this group I would like to revive that.

For some background information and more about the group, please see the group webpage: www.MarksMeetup.com

Finding people to play video games with isn't always easy, even when you're still a kid or a teenager, and for adults, it can become nearly impossible. That's what meetup groups and online event management such as Meetup.com help with tremendously.

Playing video games is not a new phenomenon. It started in the 70's in the USA with Pong, Pac Man, Tempest and other games, and there are some older players who would still like to play video games in the company of others today, just like we did back then. Great I say! Old School Revival! :-) I want to welcome particularly them in this meetup group!

Thanks to Meetup.com, it is much easier to connect with other players. But, as anyone who has played video games will notice, there are vastly different ages of players. While it can be refreshing and fun for people over 40 or 50 to play video games with teenagers, it's just not the same as when playing with one's own age group. And sometimes older players just like the company of other players in their age. That can be hard to find in groups that don't cater to these needs of older players. With Mark's Video Games I would like to remedy this situation.

Because hosting a video game event, for instance at your private residence, can be a bit of a chore (provide drinks, or at least cups, a clean toilet, etc.), I will also particularly cater to the needs of game session hosts. I will try to promote and support them in any way I can, and, while I might ask players for a small contribution to help pay the Meetup.com fees, in all fairness, I will never ask that of hosts of video game sessions.

- Mark

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