What we're about

We are honor groups of men that practice the martial skills of men with a focus on the introspective aspects of the mind and the awareness of the heart.

"Men are not as vulnerable with each other in the presence of women. To create the strongest male-bonded connection, vulnerability is required."

Strength, Courage, Mastery, Honor. Be the example, and do it quietly.

"Ever since the dawn of civilization, the honor of men has demanded what author Waller Newell writes: the contemplative and active virtues, and what Aristotle called Arête: strength coupled with virtue, bravery combined with character. In times of crisis, a man must be able to fight and prevail; in times of peace he must be able to care for his family, cultivate his mind, and serve his community and state civically. At all times he must stand ready to serve in whatever capacity he is needed."

“Circumscribing hard virtues and soft virtues into one whole. This is the complete man. He's a loving husband and father, loyal friend and brother and yet would not also just be able to survive but to completely lead in a disaster. And if he were to be called up by the military tomorrow, he could serve without breaking a sweat in boot camp. He's good at being a man and is a good man too.” ––Brett McKay, The Art of Manliness

“Men who have accomplished the first job of being men—men who have made survival possible—can and do often concern themselves with being good men. As the bloody boundary between threat and safety moves outward, men have the time and the luxury to cultivate civilized, 'higher' virtues.” ––Jack Donovan, The Way of Men

Facets trained in the Martial Gentleman:

* Fitness
Physically working out the body: Lifting weights, running, swimming, biking, sports.

* First Aid
Basic first aid skills and training the skills of EMT or higher.

* Cognitive Science
An interdisciplinary field with contributors from various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, anthropology, sociology, and biology.

* Bushcraft / Urban Bushcraft
Almost every skill involved with being outdoors without access to luxuries you would have at home. Also includes Urban Bushcraft which encompasses skills such as lockpicking.

* Martial Arts
Unarmed fighting arts, forms, drills, combatives and sparring.

* Structured Dancing (with women)
Partner and solo dances that have specific frameworks of rules to follow. Dances with specific body mechanics that must be learned correctly.

* Meditation
Single-point focus activity: Sitting, standing, guided and others.

* Weapons
Any force multiplier manipulation and use. Vintage to modern.

(Training sessions are free, conducted in small groups and invite only. Please inquire with a message to Rico.)

(Non-political, we're here to train)

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