What we're about

Our Meetup is about:

• principles that underlie good software design and code;
• design patterns that can improve your application;
• best practices in application development.

We try to make the topics we cover relevant to all programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. Our meetings are characterized by lots of interesting questions and discussion. Our membership includes software coders, designers, architects, and managers. No matter your role or experience level in software development, you are sure to benefit from this Meetup.

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Practical Microservices: Build Event-Driven Architecture w/Event Sourcing & CQRS

Thank you - to all who attended our 29th of September Event, that may have been our highest ever number of R.S.V.P.s. What are you doing with EDA? Can it be more successful? Again, in a word, "VeryMuchLikelyYes" . . . which brings us to our 27 October Meetup Event at which the saga continues. "Practical Microservices: Build Event-Driven Architectures with Event Sourcing and CQRS" is a book by Ethan Garofolo. You are invited to dive into that book in a hands-on Meetup with code from a Git repository. So, you can code along during the online meeting and beyond. Starting with monolith versus micro services, we'll get into event driven architecture and really dig into some of the code in part 1 of the book. Join Us for Fun on Tuesday, the 27th of October! Our moderator is Leah Belin, a full stack software developer experienced in an agile environment and Test-Driven Development (TDD) practices. An excellent public speaker, communicator, and innovator who is regularly involved in the development and the local tech community. Over the last 10 years, Leah has designed, developed, tested and implemented a variety of I.T. products at companies like VariQ, Fortigent, ARPC and Landauer Games. She is currently a senior C# developer at Homesnap. So, why attend? Event driven architecture is for creating decoupled systems capable of handling large amounts of data very quickly. Twenty percent of this century is done and so let's look further ahead together. This architecture pattern can move you to that sweet spot of being flexible and open to new ideas and experimentation. Register today, it will be a great Tuesday evening of code and fun!

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