What we're about

This is a no b*llshit space to reclaim the divine feminine sisterhood.

We will meet in sister circle to:

• Learn and teach about esoteric arts, mystical sciences and sacred technologies (both from global priestess lineages from across time and space, and from our own inner knowing)

• Celebrate our sovereignty and grapple with how patriarchal thinking and behaving manifests even with us

• Explore the difference between friendship and sisterhood

• Play with goddess archetype embodiment

• Practice surrendering to complete here-now presence

• Co-create ritual and ceremony

• Embark upon meditative journeying

• Explore womb wisdom and blood mysteries

• Dabble in energy healing, sound healing, plant spirit medicine, divination, and alchemy

• Continuously be open to co-creating safe space for sisters of ALL races, sexual orientations, neuro-diversity, size, religions


• Engage in spiritual bypassing (i.e. we will connect with our humanity and not love-and-light ourselves or others into oblivion)

• Engage in cultural appropriation (For example, we will respect indigenous cultures by not calling ourselves a "tribe," and we will be conscious of not borrowing from traditions that are not our own without receiving permission and paying proper respects)

• Gaslight each other's lived experiences by promoting dangerous spiritual philosophies that uphold systems of oppression


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