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What we’re about

Welcome to our community! First of all, there is no age requirement to join our meetup. We are a diverse group of people and everyone is welcome! However, we use the 20s & 40s designation, because that's what the majority of our group. This is a rare demographic group for hiking. The goal is to meet friends that you can also hangout outside of the meetup!

The Maryland Hiking Group is about building a community of people who share common values about nature, personal growth, fitness and healthy lifestyle. The group is all about meeting life long friends, building a sense of community, sharing knowledge, making great memories, meeting new people, having fun, learning new things, engaging in new activities and growing as a person. We are genuine and we hope people who join the group share the same values. We are progressive and we accept everyone as they are. We believe that's how things should be in this world. We must follow the golden rule treat others the way you want to be treated. It doesn't take that much of an effort to be nice and positive.

This group allows us to explore and try activities that we have never done before. We also want people to share, suggest, and plan activities that they enjoy in their free time. This group includes people who like hiking, rock climbing, soccer, backpacking, kayaking, going to the beach, biking, surfing, rafting, traveling, camping, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, or just hanging out. This group belongs to all of us and we are all equal here whether you are a member or an organizer. Friendship is about making connections, sharing great memories and building deeper relationship with each other. If you agree with the statement above then you are home my friend!

Share your passion. Life is short. Be positive, kind and compassionate. Join our tribe!

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