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Fellowship is an important part of Christianity - whether it is the need to belong to a group of like-minded people, to achieve greater understanding through discussion and debate, to have a friend to call on for prayer, or to take a coffee in the neighbourhood. Contrary to what is popularly communicated, the life of a good Christian is not just about their works, but also their faith. You can feed as many homeless people as you wish and as much as that is in itself commendable, it does not in itself define a Christian.

Keeping and strengthening one's faith is an important part of the life we lead and yet it is increasingly challenging to do so, especially in light of the constant distraction and the realities of daily life. This is a non-denominational group set up to bring together Christians who live and work locally for friendship, discussion, bible study and prayer. The aim of which is to have a regular time to meet with like-minded Christians to share testimony and rejoice in the glory of God 'for the path is narrow and few will find it'.

Format: This group is envisaged as a home church that meets regularly in members' homes or another appointed suitable place. We are currently looking for a 'home', so if you are reading this and have any ideas about viable options, please reach out.

Suitability: There are millions of Christians across the globe, some of whom have never read the bible before, but go to church every Sunday. Others can quote verse and chapter on the fly, but are rarely seen in church. This group will suit those with a keen interest in scripture and those who recognise the authority of the bible as opposed to culture and tradition. Do not however be put off if you do not know the bible back to front. The value of the group is enhanced equally by those who are well versed with the bible as well as those who are less so, but come with an open mind and enjoy intelligent and engaging debate about the content and deeper meaning of the bible.

Keywords: Pure and Simple

Ages: 25-55

Catchment Area: Marylebone, Baker Street, Regents' Park, Great Portland Street, St Johns Wood, Green Park

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