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*~ Welcome to MASAKA! Japanese & English Time ~*

Yes, it's true. We're another Japanese-English language exchange group! Whether you're a serious learner or just looking to mingle, we always make sure you have a good time.


Language Exchange: Saturdays @ 3:00pm in midtown Toronto (near St. Clair station)
Board Games Night: Mondays @ 4:15pm and Wednesdays @ 7:00pm in downtown Toronto (near Wellesley station)
Group Outings: [dates are event-specific]


• Weekly Language Exchange

Join us at our venue for a laid-back afternoon long conversations. When you first arrive, our awesome organizers will greet you and try to seat you at a table with a native speaker of the language you're learning. Every 40 minutes, the tables will be shuffled, giving you opportunities to talk to more people. We provide seating cards so you're guaranteed to always meet someone new!

At our event, we want everyone to have a chance to speak both English and Japanese. For 2 hours, we'll alternate between:

20 minutes English Time
20 minutes Japanese Time

It can be very difficult for beginners, we know! Don't be shy. Whatever your level, someone will be there to help you.

• Board Games Night

We get together to play board games every week, alternating between Mondays and Wednesdays. It's another chance for you to practice your English and Japanese, or just chill with new friends in a different setting. Have a game you'd like to share? Bring it! We're always looking for people who can teach our group new games.

• Group Outings

From time to time, we'll organize group events outside of the weekly ones, giving you an opportunity to practice your language in a more casual setting. Cherry blossom viewings, a trip to the Toronto Islands, we'll do it all!


Want to know more? Just reach out to one of our Organizers.
Got ideas for an event? We'd love to hear it!

Thanks for checking us out, and have a good time!

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Japanese-English Language Exchange @ THE HIVE

The Hive Bar Grill eSports Social

*** Please read the rules below carefully. *** いつもTHE HIVEがいい待遇でMASAKAに場所を貸してくださってます。参加者のみなさんには1オーダーお願いします。メニューのノンアルコールドリンクは全て$3.5でタックス込みです!ティーとコーヒーはおかわり無料!みなさんご協力よろしくお願いします。 As a courtesy to the THE HIVE for letting us use their space, everyone is expected to purchase an item from the menu. All non-alcoholic drinks cost $3.50 (includes tax!). Free refills for tea and coffee! こちらの会は、スピーキングレベルに関係なく日本語や英語を話すすべての人が参加できます! All levels of English and Japanese speakers welcome! Format 形式: 会場に到着したらまず、オーガナイザーの人に声をかけてください。参加者の方を3人~5人のグループに案内します。各グループに少なくとも英語と日本語のネイティブスピーカーが1人ずついます。40分毎に、グループ変えを行うので、いろんな参加者の人と話すことができるようになっています。オーガナイザーから"配られるカード"の指示により、毎回新しい人に出会うことができます。 When you arrive, check in with one of our organizers. We'll seat you in groups of three to five with at least one native speaker of the language you're learning. Every 40 minutes, the groups will be shuffled, giving you opportunities to talk to more people. We provide seating cards so that you're guaranteed to always meet someone new. Schedule スケジュール: 3:00 - 3:40 PM - Group グループ1 3:40 - 4:20 PM - Group グループ2 4:20 - 5:00 PM - Group グループ3 トピックは何を話してもかまいません。真面目に学習したい方は、質問を準備してきてください。初心者も大歓迎です! Conversations are casual and informal. If you're a serious learner, come prepared with questions. Beginners welcome! Wait List キャンセル待ちリスト: イベントに「参加登録」した人の人数が32人以上になると、「キャンセル待ち」リストが発生します。たとえ、もし参加予定の人がキャンセルをしたとしても、「キャンセル待ち」リストに名前のある方が順番に自動的に参加できるとは限りません。英語と日本語のネイティブスピーカーが片寄らないようにするために、手動で"GOING"リストへ変更しています。毎回参加している方が優先される場合もあります。参加予定であったにもかかわらず欠席した方はリストの一番下に置かれる場合もあります。また皆さん公平にするために、「キャンセル待ち」リストにいる方がイベント当日に来たとしても参加をお断りする場合もあります。どうぞご理解ください。 The wait list becomes active when there are more than 32 people signed up to the event. Being on the list doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to attend, even if others cancel. To ensure a good balance of native English and Japanese speakers, we'll manually move people on the wait list to the 'Going' list. Priority will be given to regulars. No-shows will move to the bottom of the list. To be fair to everyone, those still on the wait list on the day of the event will not be allowed to participate. If you show up, you will be asked to leave. Thanks for understanding! Last Minute Cancellations & No-Shows: 直前のキャンセル&当日の無断欠席: こちらのイベントでは出欠を取っています。 “GOING ”リストに入った状態で、イベント無断欠席の場合はチェック(ブラックリスト)が付きます、三つ目のチェックが付いたら、このミートアップグループから退会してもらいます。 当日12時以降のキャンセルも不参加とみなします。”NOT GOING ”リストに変更することを忘れないでください。 後に、三回以上の直前キャンセルなしや当日の無断欠席なしの参加が続けばチェックが外されます。 We take attendance on the day of the event. If you're on the 'Going' list and fail to attend, you'll receive a strike. On the third strike, you'll be removed from the group. Cancellations after 12:00PM on the day of the event will also count as a no-show. Please remember to update your RSVP to "Not Going" if you can't make it. To return to good standing, you'll need to attend three future events without incurring any more strikes. 質問があれば、下にコメント書くか、もしくはオーガナイザーに連絡してください。 Got a question? Post below or send a private message to one of our organizers. 会えるのを楽しみにしています! Hope to see you all there!

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Japanese-English Language Exchange @ THE HIVE

The Hive Bar Grill eSports Social

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