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This group is open to all men of all sexual Identifications. I must preempt this description by stating this is not about hooking up or learning skills about hooking up more. The essence of this group is discovery, it's about having experiences which contrast those we have in our everyday lives. Discovery in the context of this group is about exploring and reuniting with the deepest most unexplored aspects of who we are as humans. This is all about your subconscious, intuition and instincts; or another way to put it, those aspects of ourselves which are not cultivated in our society as a whole.

As a straight man who loves men, I wish to form a group which is more introspective in nature, one which transcends the usual motives for connection such as reproduction, bragging rights, and filling vast emotional voids. Sex/connection is a complex topic, one which men need to learn about. This group ultimately about male vitality, and what needs to be accomplished in order to feel our best. There is a profound link between how we live our lives and what transpires in the bed room. Sex is the material plane expression of the creative force which is all around us. Vitality is an experience of how we feel and how certain non sexual practices or habits affect sexual performance and enjoyment. Diet, exercise, Tantric practices, Yoga, meditation, and the choices we make in life all have a profound impact on how we experience sex. When I surveyed men in the past about what they wanted most sexually the answer was, men want to feel more. Feeling more requires we rewrite our stories to some degree, every new practice we adopt will open the doors to new experiences both in life and in the sack. The group is open to men in general: straight, gay, transgender, bisexual ... we are here to share experiences and information in order to aid in each others personal and spiritual growth. Gentlemen, I will warn you in advance this group emphasises discipline and the acknowledging that we have a choice in how we utilize our sexual energy. Our sexual energy is directly related to our vitality, and unconscious actions leading to release will lead to depletion and associated states of lack and low energy; such as depression, scattered thinking, lack of purpose, a life which is out of control, and less self love.

The gatherings promoted through this group range in content from the purely energetic and non sexual to the activating sexual energy in a subtle way. The point of offering situations involving sexual energy is to provide those men who exist somewhere on the gray scale between gay and straight an opportunity to safely connect with another man without shame and based on mutual agreement. Often those of us who consider themselves sexually fluid are conflicted about their desires and the nature of connection their energy is actually calling for. Personally, I experimented in my 20's and often found my same sex connections ungratifying and better left to fantasy; however when I discovered Tantra as a means of connecting with other men without any sexual contact my desire was satisfied. It turns out much of the longing I was experiencing was simply being filtered through my sexual center (second chakra) and what I actually was attracted to was intense connections with men without verbal sparring or sexual aggressiveness. With Tantra we learn to connect meditatively with each other not through our superficial senses but by how we feel, how the other man moves our energy, and the experience we have internally; we learn to respond to another's energy not by falling back on our past patterns but based on our inner authority which rises from the physical body (which is where all the energy is). Many of us make decisions about who or what opportunities are worthy of our energy based on mental analysis. The problem with making decisions with the mind lies in the minds very nature which is rooted in duality. Flow as it moves through our body is either there or not based on the specific energetic demand. Many of us have a gut reaction to various demands for our energy. The gut says yes and no very clearly, and once we pay attention we begin to sync to Flow. Once we are in the flow we approach our challenges head on with grace, we feel more comfortable in our own skin, and we truly being to understand the power of Universal Love.

Peace and Love,


- Disclaimer: Events taking place at Soma Arts Inc. are not affiliated with Soma Arts Inc.. "A Circle of Men" is a private social group which utilizes Soma Arts space in exchange for space rental which also covers supplies.

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