What we're about

Looking for fun events to meet new gay guys, but don't want to schlep into Boston? Looking for LGBT activities that don't involve clubs or heavy drinking? Want to play board games, go out to eat, see a movie, or play capture the flag? This group is for you! We plan on hosting events throughout the 495 corridor. We welcome people both looking to date, or just looking to make new friends.

Who classifies as a gay guy?
This is tricky stuff but for the purpose of the group we are open to all transgendered people and cisgendered men who are sexually attracted or romantically attracted, at least partially, to people who identify as male. Asexual aromantic persons may also join.

Is this a dating group?
Many guys are looking for Mr. Right, but don't know where to meet new people. Other people are looking for gay friends, fun events, or something entirely different. This group seeks to accommodate all of those different interests. We do not shun people looking to network for dates. However, we require that everyone to be respectful of the boundaries of others. We also organize around different social activities. Meetup events that are dating based, like speed dating, are prohibited by meetup.com terms of service.

Why can't I join if I wasn't born between 1984 and 2001?
Many groups on meetup revolve around groups with a commonality to build social bonds, including around age. In addition, while this is not a singles or dating group, there are members of this group interested in finding dates who are closer to their own age. There are other LGBT meetups in area open to all ages, and it is easy to create a new one if one doesn't already exist.

Why 1984 and 2001?
Ever read George Orwell or Arthur C. Clark? In seriousness, groups organized around ages force people to age out, while those based on birthyears do not.

Upcoming events (1)

Karaoke Night!

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Come and sing your heart out! Join us at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant's Karaoke Night in their lounge! This will be a smaller, more intimate meetup, as Margarita's does not take reservations for Karaoke. Bring some money for food and/or drink.

Past events (1)

Captain Marvel & Dinner at Chili's

Regal Cinemas Bellingham 14

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