Mock Trial of a Blockchain-Backed Individual Identity

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This event is centered around a mock trial that will play through a scenario using a blockchain pegged digital signature on a legal contract for the sale of goods. This initial event completes our five-event series on this project and is our dress-rehearsal for a more formal mock trial planned for fall semester 2017 in proper mock trial courtrooms of a "legal hackers" friendly local law school.

Background and Context

This is the fifth and final event series of five meetups. The prior meetup events in this series have been dedicated to prototyping the digital signature and blockchain wallet application and developing the legal fact pattern and mock trial dispute scenario to test the issues. For more information on the prior meetup, see:

Agenda and Program

The initial draft agenda and program will be posted here when it is published in early July. Please RSVP to this meetup to reserve a seat and to receive notification of updates and announcements.

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To reserve a seat and get updates, just RSVP to this meetup event. For more information about this event, including press inquiries, sponsorship opportunities or to explore ways you can get involved, contact event organizer Dazza Greenwood (

Are you a subject matter expert but feel like you missed your career in acting? Direct roles include litigant, attorney, witness, judge, etc. You can also help by joining a team of Massachusetts Legal Hackers working on fact pattern development, blockchain-enabled digital signature prototype development, design of exhibits and other explanatory evidence and other program materials.