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The Radiant Goddess Dance Temple
The Dancing Path™ presents- The Radiant Goddess Dance Temple Dance Your Emotions Healing Touch Manifestation Ritual Facilitated by Trinity Saturday, September 22 7:15pm-9:45pm Doors Open at 7:15pm Event starts at 7:20 New York Live Arts 219 W 19th Street, 3rd floor (bet 7th & 8th Avenue) This incredibly healing & powerful experience is an opportunity for women to come together in sisterhood to support each other in living a radiant, healthy, outrageous, juicy and lit up life. We will begin the evening dancing out our emotions in a dark, dimly lit room. The dance will not be facilitated. Music will be played that embodies various emotions to help you get in touch with and release your feelings. You are free to make sounds and move however you feel like moving. Expressing our emotions helps us to release them and gets us unstuck. When we feel we heal. The only way out is thru. If we desire to be radiant and healthy we can not by pass our emotions. Dancing our emotions is like taking an energetic shower. We have the opportunity to cleanse ourselves from the inside and release anything that is not serving us. You will have the opportunity to dance feelings of frustration and anger. We will then move on to dancing and expressing sadness and grief. Once we have released these feelings we will dance to songs of forgiveness and empowerment. Lastly we will dance to sexy songs to turn ourselves back on and get us into a lit up and radiant state. Following the dance we will exchange nurturing healing touch with each other to fill ourselves up and ground the experience. We will then share about our experience and our desires for ourselves & our lives. The evening will culminate with a powerful manifestation ritual to support us in manifesting our hearts desires. Join us for an incredibly healing & powerful experience! This event is for female-bodied or female identifying people only. $20 Early Bird (by Friday, Sept 14) $25. Advance (by Friday, Sept 21) $30. Day of (Cash only at the door) More info & Register here- To be informed of future events Join the Newsletter at- [masked] or Join the Transformational Dance & Ecstatic events Meetup Group at- About Trinity- Trinity is the creator of The Dancing Path™ a celebratory transformational events organization that offers playful, creative, community building events, workshops, parties and trainings in NYC. She is passionate about bringing people together to celebrate life, express themselves fully and connect in fun and nurturing ways. One of Trinity’s main passions is to facilitate Transformational Dance. Her love and uninhibited passion for dance is infectious.Trinity has facilitated transformational dances at the Omega Institute, Princeton University and many other wonderful places. In 2001 she studied Reiki and a few years later became a Reiki master. Shortly after Trinity studied at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and got certified as a Holistic Health & Nutritional Counselor. During her studies at IIN she discovered Thai Massage and pursued training with Lotus Palm and in Thailand. She has also studied and been trained in Deeksha aka the Oneness Blessing and Authentic Relating. One of Trinity’s missions, passions and purposes is to create safe spaces for people to connect in healthy, fun and nurturing ways that support them to fully express themselves and embrace and embody the wholeness of who they are. Thus helping to co-create a more peaceful, loving and celebratory world. The vehicles she uses to support this mission are dance, authentic relating and healing touch.

New York Live Arts

219 W 19th St · New York


What we're about

The group will create a safe space to explore touch through lecture, exercises, and discussions.

We will explore how to reconnect with ourselves with the end goal of reducing stress, and experiencing healing and more pleasure in life. We will include new and old modalities (massage, Tantra, eye gazing, Reiki) to go beyond physical touch to explore energy, communication and intimacy in its different forms.

As humans, we crave touch. Not only is it important for our emotional and mental health, but physiologically we need touch as well. Extensive research shows that a lack of touch increases stress and anxiety levels, which at chronic high levels may damage normal existing brain tissue and impede brain tissue development in children. This may be one of the causes of some learning difficulties many children experience.

Studies have shown that in some European countries, individuals usually touch one another 100 times in the course of an hour conversation. In the United States that figure drops to…..3, we can do better, and in this group we learn the mechanics of how this is achieved. In this group you will:

Become aware of the different forms of touch and how to utilize them for more connection and fun in life
Release tension and feel more relaxed
Understand more about boundaries and how to create and maintain healthy boundaries
Learn techniques of how to connect with others on many levels
Quiet the mind and come to your senses
Feel more alive and comfortable in your body
Increase your ability to communicate and create on many levels

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