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The group will create a safe space to explore touch through lecture, exercises, and discussions.

We will explore how to reconnect with ourselves with the end goal of reducing stress, and experiencing healing and more pleasure in life. We will include new and old modalities (massage, Tantra, eye gazing, Reiki) to go beyond physical touch to explore energy, communication and intimacy in its different forms.

As humans, we crave touch. Not only is it important for our emotional and mental health, but physiologically we need touch as well. Extensive research shows that a lack of touch increases stress and anxiety levels, which at chronic high levels may damage normal existing brain tissue and impede brain tissue development in children. This may be one of the causes of some learning difficulties many children experience.

Studies have shown that in some European countries, individuals usually touch one another 100 times in the course of an hour conversation. In the United States that figure drops to…..3, we can do better, and in this group we learn the mechanics of how this is achieved. In this group you will:

Become aware of the different forms of touch and how to utilize them for more connection and fun in life
Release tension and feel more relaxed
Understand more about boundaries and how to create and maintain healthy boundaries
Learn techniques of how to connect with others on many levels
Quiet the mind and come to your senses
Feel more alive and comfortable in your body
Increase your ability to communicate and create on many levels

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