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What we're about

This group is for folks in blockchains, crypto and Bitcoin intersted in the Massive Adoption events coming to Memphis, TN in the fall of 2019.

Massive Adoption is a 2000+ person event in Memphis, TN on November 7 & 8. The idea behind it is to introduce curious people from the world of business, enterprise, finance, politics and other organizations to the world of blockchain and digital assets. The Mid-South is a powerhouse as far as logistics, healthcare tech, agriculture and regional finance are concerned.

For most attendees, Massive Adoption will be the first time they will interact with our technology, philosophy and ethos. It will also be the first time they have a dozen crypto products (wallets, dApps, coins, etc.) in the palms of their hands.

We're being hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology and UMRF with tremendous support from the Memphis community.

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