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Overcome your fears and make a living from your passion
You are warmly invited to our meetup in London! We'll be meeting at the Riverside Terrace Cafe at the Royal Festival Hall, within walking distance of several Tube stops. We'll probably be outside, so wrap up warm-ish ;-) Nerea Carryon is a contagious and positive lady who has been running her own coaching business for the past 4 years. She has helped individuals and companies big and small to overcome their fears and inhibitions and start earning a living on their own terms, doing something they truly enjoy. Nerea will be sharing advice on how to follow one's own professional path, taking others with you in the process! She wants to help you eliminate your limits and get the best out of yourself, no matter what you enjoy doing and no matter what your plan to make the world a better place might be. If you fancy a fun and interactive evening, then we'll see you there from 6.30pm onwards! The evening will appeal to people at all stages of their chosen path. We'll be asking for donations to cover booking and online advertising costs, but this is not compulsory.

Riverside Terrace Cafe, Festival Terrace (in area between shop and large windows, overlooking River Thames)

Level 2, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX · London

What we're about

What this group is about: LOVE! A loving presence of ‘isness’. An Acceptance of what is and an underlying understanding that we are all ENOUGH JUST THE WAY WE ARE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Thats right, you are enough right now, this moment is enough, THIS moment, not tomorrow, not in 10 years but NOW. We help you to ultimately expand your AWARENESS of what life is. Not on a conceptual intellectual level but on an experiential level.Instead of connecting with yourself and the world through the narrow scope of the intellect, we help you to connect with everything through an experiential feeling. This type of awareness ultimately reconnects you with life long peace. It will allow you to fully surrender to life and trust in your innate abilities to share your unique gifts with the world! This type of awareness helps you to celebrate the gift of life! Because in truth, none of this life business is serious, once you truly understand who you really are, you realise there was never any problem in the first place…

A successful 'Smash It' Workshop in London 2014.

Samuel and his team empower people from all walks of life through the medium of seminars, products, workshops, retreats and one on one coaching. While there still may be a lot of suffering in the world, we are aware that this suffering is created by ourselves or more precisely by our states of mind. As more and more people realise this, a global consciousness shift is occurring. We aim to accelerate this process by helping as many people as possible who feel lost in this world to remember their truth again.

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