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"Like the wind which carries on ship East and another West, the law of auto-suggestion/attraction will lift you up or pull you down, according to the way you set your sails of thought."

This Master-mind group will, at first, evolve around the book "Think and grow rich" by Napoleon Hill. There will be a meet-up once a week, each week we will read one chapter of the book (15 chapters), following up with a discussion about what we just read.
How can I apply the teachings in this book?
What can I learn from others who think and grow rich?
What can we achieve together?
What do I desire/want in life?
What are the incremental steps to build wealth?

I am looking forward to growing with you!

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Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 7


During this 7th meet-up, we will read the 7th chapter of 'Think and grow rich' Organized planning - and follow up with discussions about it. Location: 3rd floor in the Innovationsdorf Bern, Wyleringstrasse 36, 3014 Bern. Please bring with you the book think and grow rich and read the 7th chapter one or two days before the meet-up. In your reading a few days before the meet-up highlight sentences that seemed important to you, note down questions you have about the content, how the content of this chapter applies to your life and others' and on what can you challenge the other members of this meetup?

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Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 6


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