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Master Sora Fol will share his Japanese Lineage of Self Mastery including demonstrations of Ancient traditions for longevity and energy mastery.

Including energy healing , adjusting your energy.

Location & further details to follow-
All inquires are welcomed.
Master Sora Fol

1 class $ 55
Whole day is $100

Fol is one of a tool of bringing back who you are and giving you love and harmony in your life.
Everything is energy, Everything is one.
You will experience the feel which is one by body and soul.

Learning by knowledge and brain you can forget easily.

However by the body feeling like riding bicycle and connecting deep inside of you, you won't forget with soul level even though 10 years will pass.

One of fol's signature benefit is bringing you fastest way to skip your blockages and meeting original yourself.

Sometimes it seems hard even though you've learned a lot of things about spirituality however it doesn't go well is because you really don't understand by body feeling.

It's because of only brain and knowledge.
How can we bring you your most potential and enlarge it to maximum.
How can we heal and love ourselves and become to who we really are.

A lot of people leave this life without knowing who we are not even 5~10%.

That means we really don't receive many abundance which we supposed to receive.

You won't know who you are just by waiting, meditation and praying.

However you will feel and understand it by body feeling, body and soul, you will deeply understand and your life and ability will be a few times or a few hundred larger.

Awakening and shifting consciousness by each person will connecting to bring us change of mass conscious.

All is one One is all.
Everything is connected.

Not cuz by listening, knowing and remember, then things will go to well, by acknowledging, learning, knowing and take action and everything will become true.

By understanding relationship of love and conscious then yourself lead own answer by your body feeling, you will give yourself a gift of deeply understanding into your life.

Fol is the method of changing yourself and your world.
Let's pursuit, explore and taste this truth of life till the end !

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