What we're about

This group is for the ambitious who feel that they have the relationship, the house, the job, but are now realising that they are on the treadmill for another 30 to 40 years! We all want to achieve our goals and ambitions a lot sooner, and create a lifestyle where we can choose who we want to work with, where we would like to work, and how much time we spend having fun whilst doing this.

We go through life, firstly going to school, then college and more than likely University. But we are never taught the basics of good financial health. Then we are encouraged to get a well-paid job and work for 40 years in the hope of reaching retirement with enough money to live off the rest of our lifetime. We have the dreams of retiring early say around 55 to 60, with the eternal dream of having our mortgage paid off and being able to do all the things we want to do with the rest of our life.

This is the dream - But is it the reality?

During the past 30 years our world has turned upside down:-

• No more jobs for life!
• Divorce rates increasing!
• Increased household and personal debt!
• Student loan debt is now normal
• Increased mortgage debt
• Increasing levels of taxes
• Having to work longer to fund our retirement
• Increased stress and not enough time to do all the things we want to
• Increasing cost of living
• Our kids are being forced to stay at home longer

• The elderly not able to fund their later life medical care and the cycle repeats

If you have woken up from your slumber and want to realise your dreams then please join us, and together we can move towards achieving our dreams.

Why You should join this group?

• Meet new people who have grasped their initiative and wish to take greater control of their lives

• Accelerate your growth towards your dream lifestyle

• Open your eyes to your potential

I will show you the path to break away from your current financial position to a life of abundance

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

The Nursery Theatre

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

The Nursery Theatre