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Management 1.0 - Treating people as if they are machines. This style of management was invented with the rise of the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, it is still applied by many companies. It seemed like a good idea BEFORE, but it is totally not fit for modern professionals. It builds organizations where you probably don’t want to work. It separates decision making from execution.

Management 2.0 - Understanding that people are the most valuable asset in your organization. Hierarchy, however, is still present in Management 2.0. A strong hierarchy is heavily being relied on and managers still manage individual team members instead of these professionals managing themselves. Most people have experiences with Management 2.0 organizations.

Management 3.0 - This management method doesn’t offer mere checklists or prescriptions to follow slavishly; rather, it deepens your understanding of how organizations and Agile teams work and gives you tools to solve your own problems. A management that encourage interactions with the teams who are doing actual production work. The goal is to find out how to help improve the system in which the people are doing their work. And it is done in order to understand how value is delivered to customers and other stakeholders.

In Management 3.0 we strive to learn :-
- Creating Agile Organizations and Agile Leaders & CEO's
- Motivating workers
- Changing the mindset of managers
- Getting teams to take responsibility
- Developing people’s competencies
- Innovations & transformations

Management 3.0 believes management is the responsibility of everyone. It's the future of MANAGEMENT.

This group offers you practical ideas to engage workers, improve work, being innovative, foster collaboration, delight clients while staying happy in an organization.

What will we do at our events?
1. Networking and getting new ideas
2. Learn new Management 3.0 practices
3. Mastermind to create breakthroughs for each other
4. Build collaborative and leadership skills

All levels of organization are welcome to join. Check out our Management 3.0 website to know more : https://management30.com/

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