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Jun 3, 2013


I am a Soul Healing Teacher and Healer. I also do Soul Guidance for all aspects of your life. I can serve you by sharing life transforming wisdom and healing blessings. I have many stories of how peoples lives have changed through my services.

What is your favorite spiritual practice, e.g., gratitude practice, chanting, meditation, yoga?

My favorite spiritual practice is multifaceted. Doing a daily Forgiveness Practice has brought profound inner peace that permeates all aspects of my live. Thank You has become my mantra because all live is a gift, the trick is to recognize the gift. Chanting Love Peace and Harmony, a Divine Soul Song is also a daily practice. Singing this song brings Divine Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light. Each of these is healing for every aspect of life; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and well as transforming relationships and finances. I have many stories of how each of these things has happened for me as well as for students I have taught. To have a balance in my practices I also do practices to build and develop my foundation energy centers: the Lower Dan Tain, the Snow Mountain and Kundalini, and the first Soul House or as some people would say, the root Chakra. When needed I also use the Four Powers to do self healing for things ranging from mosquito bites to tooth aches.

What's the last book you read or experience you had about health, healing or spirituality?

Divine Healing Hands by Dr Zhi Gang Sha. This is an amazing book with extraordinary wisdom. Dr. Sha shares that the Divine has actually given us a Divine Soul Healing Hand because the times we live in have such great needs. There are 20 opportunities to receive Divine Healing Hands healing blessings as you read the book. It is the same as receiving a healing blessing in person. People have had amazing results doing this. There are also practice to help the readier apply healing in their daily life. Everything is very practical and can be used immediately. The style is simple but profound. I am happy I could share this with you. I hope it serves you well

How do you define "soul"?

Soul is a golden light being. It is the essence of life. In this era, the Soul Light Era, the soul is the boss. This is a shift from the previous era. Some people are delighted by the shift, some are having a hard time changing to a new way. The soul is a golden light being when it is healthy and strong, otherwise it can be grey or even charcoal color. The good news is there are many things we can do to increase the light our soul radiates.