What we're about

Master Your Mind is all about mastering your life from the inside out. My first meetup group Communication Mastery Vancouver (meetup.com/communicationmastery) has close to 3000 members with over 100 events during the last 2 years. Now that I am based in Toronto we look forward to building a strong following for people highly committed to their personal development.

It is primarily for people who intuitively know that there are things holding them back from being the best they can be in both in their professional or personal relationships. They are also fed up knowing that such things as fear, stress, procrastination, shyness and insecurity are getting in the way of achieving that true potential.

You can expect each one of our events to be dynamic, fun, interactive and very practical. Your host for each event is Allan Knight a former Zen Monk creator of Master Your Mind trsining and author of a book called Mind Gone Wild - finding freedom within the chaos! He combines being your host, animator and trainer in a very inspiring and effective way. (www.allanknight.com)

Look forward to seeing you all there....

The MYM Team

Are you ready for a unique and fresh approach to training and networking?

Are you hungry for meetings that have substance, provide practical tools and plenty of time to network?

How about joining a group of like minded people who are highly committed to empowering themselves, their communication both professionally and personally.

That's what this meet up is about!

Bringing together people who are committed to personal and professional development along with having a whole lot of fun.

Every meet up will feature a different topic for professional and personal success, followed by fun interactive exercises that will transform your fears into clarity, confidence and impact.

Every so often you will also receive video tips to enhance your learning...

So come on out, learn, connect, be inspired, supported and empowered.

Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting...

Allan Knight

former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach


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