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Break through your Blocks!
Have you ever heard that Rumi quote, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” In this Meetup we'll seek and find the barriers that keep you from getting what you want. It's not setting goals that's hard. We all have something we want to be, do, or have. What's hard is dealing with whatever stops us from achieving the goal. It could be a lack of belief that it's possible, or an idea that we can't have the thing we want because only _____ (older, younger, richer, etc) people get to have that. Maybe it's that you don't hold yourself accountable and neither does anyone else. On some level you know what you want, but something stops you from getting it. Let's go after that thing that stops you, together. It's amazing what happens when you acknowledge 'the inner elephant in the room', introduce yourself, and then tell it to get out. Together we'll do a process that helps you break through the blocks so that this time next year you aren't wishing you had made your dreams happen this year. They'll have already happened! -Gracie

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    This group is for people who are interested in creating the life or business they really want. Led by a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach, we won't just be hanging out and chatting about our dreams, though there is some of that too! This group is actively planned and facilitated by a coach so that each member gets real value beyond what they might achieve on their own. Group members will come with some ideas about what they've been wanting out of life or their career, and using fun interactive exercises we'll all leave with action steps to move toward living out our dreams.

    Sick of just wanting things to change but not taking action? Come to Mastermind! It's so much more fun to set goals when you're around other fun people and delicious snacks. :) If you want to learn more about the coach/theory behind this work, check out And for those of you who are here because you are looking to mastermind your career, here's a free tool you can use:

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