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Masters & Angels Class - Samhain
The class takes the form of a guided meditation using energy transmissions from the ascended masters and angels. This energy helps us realise our inner light and power, helping us to let go of blocks that stop us moving forward in life. The energy is normally received while lying down (there are mats, blankets, cushions etc) or equally you can sit in meditation pose or on a chair. The transmission effects everybody differently, there is no right or wrong, your experience is valuable whatever it is! Most people report feeling relaxed, greater clarity on an issue or felt something lift from them, it can be very physical while others may feel nothing. The key is to surrender and allow the experience to unfold. At the end we have chance to integrate our experiences and you may share your experience with the group if you wish. More detailed info below........ What will it be like?The atmosphere is very relaxed yet awakened, I find that these events have a way of calling like-minded souls together , sometimes the synchronicities bring a special teaching for a person or person(s) There is no pressure to say anything, but it can be place for you to share in a sacred space; it can help give you clarity on a life situation. You lie down or sit in meditation pose for most of it. There is a chance at the beginning to mingle and at the end to share. It’s a nice walk back to the tube and a good time to chat more with people. It is quite a meditative yet uplifting space to be in. Will it be an activity? A discussion? A presentation?The activity is to receive energy transmissions from angelic and ascended master realms. The energy is healing and uplifting it can help you shift through patterns and gain clarity. Here is a blog I wrote for more info: What's an interesting issue we'll discuss?The AQUARIAN AGE is bringing up so much for people, we only have to see the newspapers to know that the world is transforming. The classes tend to tune into what is needed at that moment for the group; discussions tend to arise from that moment and are co-creative it somehow seems to hold something for all those that come. Who's presenting? What will they present?I will be leading the group, but essentially all those present are creating the evening through intentions and spirit. The topic of healing arises out of the need of the time and those present. Do members need to bring anything?We have plenty of blankets and cushions but if you have a yoga mat and are happy to bring it that would be helpful. You can lie comfortably on cushions and blankets but a mat can give a bit more comfort if you like (we are in the process of acquiring more mats). Also a bottle of water and no specific clothing requirements just something comfortable; we normally sit cross legged but we also have plenty of chairs. Who should come? Are newcomers welcome?All levels including newcomers. What should a newcomer expect?A newcomer should expect the unexpected - always a good approach :) You may have a very physical tangible energetic experience, or may feel very little (which does not mean nothing has happened by the way ). The key is to trust and have an open mind and heart. You may obtain an insight about your life or question. Why should people come?To stretch the boundaries of our understanding; the Angelic realm and Masters are helping us to find our gifts and true potential. So come to see if a skill or hidden potential is revealed. It is also a great space to heal, gain clarity and meet ‘like minds’ in the spirit of compassion and truth. Is it okay to arrive late?Please try and arrive on time. 5 mins late is permissible ….as the door automatically locks, I will have to let you in manually, it means I cannot extend this time – If you are late please enter peacefully. N.B. If you arrive early and the shutters are down, don’t worry I have to open-up the venue…normally around 18:30.

The Skylight Centre,

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    In this group class we shall explore the world of Ascended Masters and Angels. It is a ‘down to earth’, practical look at healing with these energetic beings and how they fit into our daily lives. Each week you will receive an energy healing, which can help you let go of old patterns, bring guidance and manifest prosperity in your life. We shall also look at how human needs such as love, prosperity, health, joy etc. can be supported by healing with light beings. Anyone is welcome to this class; you don't need to have any previous experience in this work to join. Equally if you are an accomplished healer we welcome you, it is a great space for like minds. The group is a great way to make sense of the exceptional times we live in; there are opportunities for great spiritual growth, yet we are still faced with many difficulties in life. The angelic & ascended master healing in this groups can help navigate the challenges that we face. A typical class starts with an introduction before beginning with the healing which is normally received while lying down comfortably.

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