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New Year New You
Empower Yourself to Achieve Success and Take Charge of Your Well-Being.

Do you want to experience more ease and comfort in your body? Do you want to experience less pain? Feeling better does not have to be difficult. You can dramatically affect your daily life through simple proven and time-tested techniques. You may be surprised how simple techniques can affect you in the most remarkable ways.

This is an opportunity to manifest well-being.

• Change your Posture
• Change your Attitude
• Find better Body Balance
• Learn how to Relax and Release Tension

Posture and Balance are important aspects of health and well-being and play a significant role in daily life and well-being. Where other modalities may have failed you, I am offering something different. It’s not teaching you more to do, but rather how to do what you are doing better with more ease and comfort.

We hold our lives in our bodies. If we are tightening on an ongoing basis, we are holding past events in the body. As we learn to release the body, we are also letting go of the past and opening to the future.

Now is an opportunity for you! Come see for yourself!

I am offering a FREE introductory talk, on the work, followed by a 4-week program to learn some of these techniques. You are welcome to attend the introductory talk and not the 4-week class. However, if you want to attend the 4-week class, I highly recommend coming to the introductory talk.

Class limited to 8 people. Please reserve a space.

Introductory Talk held on Saturday, January 18th 11am-12:30 pm

4-week class series begins on Saturday, January 25th from 11am-12:30pm and held 1x weekly. Bring a yoga mat

By the end of the 4 sessions, you will learn tools that you can apply into your daily life to experience more ease, energy, and comfort.

4 week class:
Learn how to release tension in your body.
Learn how to have less pain and discomfort
Learn how to relax
Free the breathing
Better posture
Better balance
Learn how to prioritize your well-being without interfering in your daily life
Doing less, accomplishing more

Class fee for 4 weeks: $80.00. Credit cards accepted

I have 36 years’ experience in the Alexander Technique, transpersonal psychology, somatic practices, movement work, mindfulness and meditation. I have taught worldwide.

Contact me for further information at gfelbain@gmail.com or 505-250-1223

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New Year New You

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New Year New You

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