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What we’re about

Interested in keeping up with developments in math? Want to know more about information theory? Want to learn some algorithms, but don't know where to start? Join the group! We'll pick books, papers, and articles about all of these topics, read them, and meet to discuss the topics and have problem solving sessions!  We're all about collaborative learning.  Nobody here is necessarily an expert on what we're reading, but we can all benefit from each others' expertise.

If you come across a book or paper you're interested in going over, please suggest a new meetup!

If you know of a book or paper you think we'd like to read, or that you've been thinking of reading, please add it to the Reading List!

We generally have two types of meetings.  

(1) Short term: We have one-off meetings on papers, algorithms, or interesting work our members think everyone can learn from.  They paper/algorithm meetings are often broken into two meetings. The first meetings usually covers theory, and the second covers application (usually with hands-on examples!).  

(2) Long term: We like really getting into the details of subjects, and what better way than picked up an advanced text?!  We have long-term series of meetings where we cover textbooks cover to cover.  Generally we read a section before the meeting, and then discuss the finer points and work problems.

When we have a book that we're reading, we alternate long-term and short-term meetings week by week.  Otherwise, we just have (roughly every two weeks) our short term meetings.