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Discuss ch 6 of "Elements of Information Theory" [series meeting]

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Here's a popular text in Information Theory which goes into some detail on data compression and communication channels. Definitely a good one to read through!

When you RSVP, please email your full name to [masked]. If we host at my work again, we'll need your name to put you on the list to get through security. Don't forget to bring ID!

This is the sixth meet up in this series! We'll cover Chapter 6 on Gambling and Data Compression, and work through some problems.

Would anyone like to volunteer to present a problem? Let us know in the comments! I'll read through the problems, and suggest a few that look interesting. Feel free to do the same! We'll present solutions and discuss the material at the next meet up.

Recommended Prerequisites:

• Probability theory: (moderate level) Joint distributions and marginalization; conditioning; Bayes' Theorem

• Analysis: (beginner to moderate level) Know what a set is; know what a logarithm is; understand the basic ideas of proofs by induction, contradiction, etc.

• Calculus: ( beginner) Be able to take a derivative

• up to Chapter 5: Entropy, Information, KL Divergence, and related concepts. Basics of coding and compression.