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Unlock the Gift of Learning Maths

Hear how to resolve Dyscalculia and how to prevent it using the Davis approach.

A FREE Public Lecture by Axel Gudmundsson at CASME, 23 Caversham Road, Pinetown.


A problem with focus (attention) is the key common factor in all the following learning difficulties:

- Dyslexia (reading and spelling problems)

- Dysgraphia (handwriting problems)

- Dyscalculia (maths problems)

- Dyspraxia (balance and co-ordination problems)

- ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)AD/HD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

- Asperger’s syndrome (high functioning autism)

By addressing the issue of focusing, you can eliminate any of the above problems for people of all ages. Early intervention allows you to prevent them altogether.

We all know that mathematical ability is layered - one skill is built on top of another. The ability to multiply is based on the ability to add; and adding rests on the ability to count.

What many do not realise, is that underlying all mathematics ability is a clear understanding of ten basic concepts. These include consequence (when a change is caused), sequence (how things follow each other) and order (when things are in their proper place, position and condition).

Various Learning Styles

Your learning style is defined by your thinking style; either verbal or non-verbal. We all start life as non-verbal thinkers. Those who remain non-verbal tend to struggle in our current education system, which is largely designed for verbal thinkers. What is really important to know is that this non-verbal thinking also gives them the high-speed processing ability which makes babies and toddlers the fastest learners of all. This is the key reason for the various talents and gifts that often accompany learning difficulties.

When teaching caters properly for both learning styles, difficulties in learning can be greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

The Davis Math Mastery Solution

There are essentially two steps needed to address all dyslexia-related difficulties, including dyscalculia:

Learn how to focus, and notice when focus is lost;

Identify and eliminate "triggers" which break focus.

We teach a unique focusing technique and then begin to eliminate what breaks the picture thinker’s focus. We scan through all the knowledge needed for mastering maths, looking for gaps in the student’s understanding.