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Our exploration of matriarchal culture and how to create an experience that mirrors the values of egalitarianism, gifting, sharing, love acceptance for all things, unity with nature, openness, nurturing, etc. (versus the principles of ownership, separation, hierarchy, unequal genders, oppression of nature, narrowness, etc) continues with new language and an experiential (rather than intellectual) focus through monthly, day-long Being Held Gatherings

In our culture, it is unusual for a diverse group of people to come together and feel safe enough to allow their authentic selves — and their authentic experience — to be seen, to be acknowledged without judgment and to be held in love. In our Being Held Gatherings we show people how the Four Pillars of Safety (for the mind, heart, body and soul) experientially allows us to create a safe, honouring environment. These meetups are for people who crave a deeper and more open connection with others, who desire to feel nurtured without being told you have to change or fix something, and who seek a safe place to be held, heard, honoured and acknowledged for whatever is going on inside.

The Four Pillars of Safety we share can be used to create deeper connection in all types of relationships and relationship dynamics.

We further build upon the introductory Pillars of Safety by fostering fun, playful and meaningful co-creative structures that allow those attending to explore new facets of deeper connection, the equal dance of the masculine and feminine, openness, assurance, contentment and emotional release. Our vision for these gatherings is to create a community of like-minded souls who would enjoy regularly gathering together and nurturing one another in acknowledging love.

Being Held Gatherings are held in the Sankta Amo yurt in Duncan, B.C.

Bring love, openness and curiosity! : )) And please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early, so we can start on time. If you need directions, please message us.

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