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If you have never heard of Matrix Energetics you are in for a real treat since it is quite unique, to say the least! Feel free to visit the website and read the Testimonials of the many changes you can expect from having a Matrix Energetics session at: http://WhyteLightCenter.com (http://www.WhyteLightCenter.com)

Also, visit the official Matrix Energetics website at: www.matrixenergetics.com to learn even more about it and how Dr. Richard Bartlett created these magical tools.

In Matrix Energetics we don't work on problems. Why? Because, whatever we put your attention on is exactly what you are going to get. We always have fun playing together in the Matrix Energetics morphic field so join us, please.


During your healing session you experience Matrix Energetics and several other energy healing modalities from which you can expect to have many changes manifest in your life.

Come with your "positive intentions" in mind and see how quickly they can manifest.

We have seen some remarkable results occur after just one session, for example:

-Everything from someone who was unable to lift her arm above her shoulder before her treatment and in one session regained full mobility

-Lactose intolerance disappear in one session

-Another had been trying to quit smoking and did not desire another cigarette for 10 days later, so she coined the phrase of coming back for "her tune up"

-Still another Mom and daughter had genetically-inherited cysts that grew and attached themselves to their muscles that were very painful and could only be cured by surgery. However, after just one treatment both she and her daughter were healed within 3 days. These cysts have not returned and it has been over a year since their session.

-Perfect jobs have come along the day after receiving a just one Matrix Energetics session

-Drug additions have been cured and removed

-Life stressors have vanished

Read more remarkable testimonials at: http://WhyteLightCenter.com (http://www.WhyteLightCenter.com)


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