What we're about


What is it ? [DEFINITION]

The Matrix-Q Think Tank is a multidisciplinary circle of creative and innovative thinkers.

Why meet ups ? [GOAL]

Through a meet up, personal interaction, multidisciplinary perspectives and collective emotional intelligence, are boosted through a Matrix-Q communication and collaboration process.

Our goal is to approach challenges, issues we would like to discuss or solve, collectively, through multidisciplinary collaboration and application of Matrix-Q Thinking Tools.

Where ? [ Infrastructure, Platform ]

F2F: At the city of Utrecht, at scheduled venues. Multinational & Multidisciplinary Thinking Tank.

Online: The Matrix-Q Thinking Tank has a digital platform that runs online in parallel with the participation of international attendees

Time line: http://www.think-tank.matrix-q.com


The achievements of the thinking tank will be published at the Multidisciplinary Research Magazine online Matrix-Q (http://research.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/); as well suggested, if apply, to local government, organizations, business network or research and development or sustainable development networks.

Moderation [Team]

Moderation, Collaboration and Communication Process, Presentations & Matrix-Q Thinking Tools guidelines for use will be facilitated by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Research leader at the Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Netherlands. www.matrix-q.com (http://www.matrix-q.com/)


Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools and Skills (by the Matrix-Q Research Institute) have been designed to advance innovative and creative thinking, effectiveness and leadership through :

Nature inspired thinking [ Matrix-Q Thinking] (see articles, URLs (http://research.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/?s=thinking) )New method for algorithms design : sequence of steps necessary for a solution.Innovative tools for communication and collaboration, decision making.Systemic, synergetic, holistic, sustainability, creative thinking tools.Gamified solution making.Matrix-Q Intelligence: the ability to approach a challenge from more than on single perspective simultaneously. ( see URL (http://intelligence-quotient.matrix-q.com/) )Innovative set of thinking and leadership skills (based on emotional intelligence and Matrix-Q thinking)Systemic assessment of risk and level of impact.Assessment tools for human skills, stages of development.More about Matrix-Q Thinking Tools [URL (https://think-tank.matrix-q.com/?page_id=13)]

Which challenges would be approached ? [ DISCIPLINES ]

Together at the meet up session, through a gamified collective thinking process, we will utilize Matrix-Q Thinking tools and do assessment of the issues suggested, creatively find out solutions for key trend topics like:

• A.I. Automation Technology Singularity

• Mathematics Algorithms Gamification

• SDG Sustainable Development Goals

• Energy Gender Education Skills Gap

• Leadership Human Capital

• Aging Immunology Neuroscience Life Span

an other topics suggested by the attendees.

Matrix-Q Thinking Tank Meet Up Session/Cycle [COLLABORATION PROCESS]


Within 4 to 12 weeks (cycle) a topic for thinking, discussion and multidisciplinary collaboration will be suggested.


Part One

Presentations on the topic will be provided to the attendees as motivation for collaboration.Reading materials and media will be as well shared.

Part Two

A Gamified Matrix-Q Thinking process will be facilitated for the attendees, as a frame to support multidisciplinary communication, collaboration, innovation. For this process Matrix-Q Thinking Tools will be utilized.

Part Three

Session conclusions and questions for the collective to follow up at the online platform.Follow up online, until the next session.

Part Four

The attendees will suggest a new topic or the Matrix-Q Research Institute will suggest one.


Tel. : 0031.626673380


The Matrix-Q Think Tank Project is possible thanks to the sponsorship by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Research and Education Division of the Non Profit Organization, Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken http://www.matrix-q.com http://www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info

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