What we're about

Who we are: This group is for friendly, active, mature men. Typical events are hiking year around, but not limited only to hiking. By "mature" this means generally 48+, but if you're younger that is fine! Our activities are smoke-free. After each hike we usually suggest a social opportunity -- coffee, picnic lunch, or some other outing for example.

Purpose: For each guy to enjoy activities in a group, meet people, expand his network, and have fun.

Organizer responsibilities:

• Guide your attendees to get to know each other, especially for newcomers (suggestions include an ice-breaker and/or conversation topic for the activity and to share highlights at the end of the activity)

• Avoid spending time with only the people you already know--model the friendly atmosphere we want to build as stated in our "Who we are," above.

• Ensure all attendees understand this is an informal, volunteer group and organizers are not responsible for any liabilities (some Meetup groups require signing waivers, but we do not and we trust our organizers and members to understand this point).

• If you want to be an Event Organizer, visit an existing hike and express your interest; the Organizer can set you up as at least an Event Organizer if there are no concerns (see contact for questions, below).

History: In 2015 we started in the fall as a new group. We hosted about 12 very brisk hikes (including sub-zero temps) in the Twin Cities. In 2016 we continued with more activities, usually weekly: hiking, biking, river swimming, disk golfling--but mostly hiking.

Membership requirements: please read above -- we expect members to be guys, to use real names, and be honest and respectful. We aim to be inclusive for all kinds of men, provided they align with the "Who we are" and "Purpose" summarized above.

Questions? Contact Organizer Kirk Johnson (or Co-Organizers Brian McNeill, Pat Eastman, or Gerry).

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North Metro Mississippi hike

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Hike Lake Harriet

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Hike Lebanon Hills - Eagan / Apple Valley

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