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For professional musicians over a certain age who's looking to join a band, it quickly becomes apparent that we no longer easily fit in with the upcoming younger crowd. Young cats get excited about our experience and skills, only to express disappointment when they learn that we're a mature 45, 50, or 60. And if we do end up hooking up with some young cats, our life goals are very different, because us older people have had a lot of the experiences they are only now discovering. We don't want to go back there, and they don't want to give that up. What can a mature musician do?

This meetup is for the mature musician. Join and create a network where we can network, find other mature players interested in everything from just hanging out, jamming, and practice buddies, to forming forming bands, touring and taking over the world.

Be over 40 or be willing to respectfully hang with mature men and women!

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