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MBB closing out 2020 successfully w/ 25 events (24 education!) ☀️ Year in review:


MBB closing out 2019 successfully w/ 32 events (32 education!) ☀️ Year in review:

🎙️18 special events at no cost to the attendee (some not posted on MBB Meetup)

🎙️2 special events with attendee cost for food only.

🎉12 BiTTs at no cost to the attendee.

☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️☀️

Mahalo sponsors, collaborations and supporters for helping MBB to make the 35 events in 2018 possible!

MBB closed out 2018 successfully w/ 35 events (35 education!) ☀️ Year in review:

🎙️18 special events at no cost to the attendee.

🎙️2 special events with attendee cost for food only.

🎉15 BiTTs at no cost to the attendee.

☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️☀️

Mahalo sponsors, collaborations and supporters for helping MBB to make the 35 events in 2018 possible!


Shop Small and Local!

(if shopping online, choose businesses that are local)

As small business owners and managers, we wish to receive help to grow our own businesses.

A gift card for a massage, hair cut, nails and toenails spa, yoga session, ballroom dance class, local restaurant, computer class, a book, a business coaching session, local cultural show, local artisan products or, contract a local artist for your party...

Yes, we can find great gift options, locally - in our neighborhood or MBB membership list too!


We are Maui small business owners and managers who meet to discuss ways to improve each other’s businesses.

Our Meetup Group main focus: Invaluable Business Resources and Discussions for education purpose.

Networking happens naturally in every meeting.

At our regular meetings, members get an opportunity to share their business story and can use the other members as a sounding board. A coaching segment by a guest speaker is included.

Our special meetings include presentations and training in topics of broad interest.

Membership is FREE;

Regular Meetings are FREE;

Special Meetings are FREE except to cover food cost (if any).

• We are non-profit.

• Our unpaid organizers make huge effort, including taking part of their paid work time, to bring quality meetings at zero or minimum cost to you.

• Our organizers' guest supporters also generously contribute to our Meetup Group.

• Our guest speakers donate their time and bring quality information to you.

• Our sponsors' generosity helps to make each meeting possible.

MAHALO! to each of you, Fellow Brainstormers!

MAHALO! to our GUEST SPEAKERS who accept our invitation and donate their time and knowledge (with speeches free of sales pitch!)
Guest Speakers who have presented for MBB:
Alan Pollock (O'ahu), Adam Broadway (California), John Philpin, Peter Liu, Annette Lynch, David Kapaku, Trisha Anderson, Dr. Robert Santry, Michael Kern, Dana Naylor, David B. Fisher, Richard Kehoe, Susie Thieman, Scott Sakakihara, Paul Brewbaker (O'ahu), Robert Wintner, Tricia Morris, Debbie Finkiewicz, Mark Fergusson (O'ahu), Tom Feltz, Bill Watts, Liza Pierce, Carmel Patterson, Howard Dicus O'ahu), Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez, Charles Keoho, Mark Glaser (California), Linden Mundekis, Barbara Garcia, Bob Kincaid, Pierce Gray, Randy Zachary, Sunny Gutierrez, Steve Petranik (O'ahu), Jack Dugan, Jay April, Greg Rewis (Phoenix), Chuck Spence, George Kahumoku Jr, Les Tomita, David Yamashiro, Iris Lin, Craig Swift, John A. Hau'oli Tomoso, Margaret DeStefano, Gennarino Brian DeStefano, John Dellar (California), Johanna Amorin, Melanie Boudar, Kate Griffiths, Jonni Earl, Michelle Earl, Danielle Miller, Lori Fisher, Wayne Wong, Loren Weisman (Florida), Michael Elam, Teri Freitas Gorman, Steve Pearson (O'ahu), Keola Donaghy, Scott Shui (California), Abner Nakihei Jr, Penny Dant, Pamela Norris, Elizabeth Tomoso, Joseph Pluta, Dr Letitia Wright (Boston), Gylian Solay, Stephanie Staidle (California), Cherie Banks (Texas), Nico Fisher,...

- George Kahumoku Jr: 2013 After-Tax Party
- The Hawaiian Serenaders (Mele Ukulele & Richard Tom): 2013 After-Tax Party
- Fulton Tashombe: 2013 Maui Appreciation Party
- David Kapaku, a.k.a. Kahu: 2014 Maui Small Business Week Party


Our MBB is really a worthwhile cause.

We are thrilled and salute all the business visionaries and innovators who have come forward to help our MBB!


Upcoming events (2)

8th Annual Masters of Retail Success in Maui - Dinner event

The King Kamehameha Golf Club


Book your evening of your Wednesday, March 31st, for our MBB's 8th edition, dinner event at the "pink house" of Kamehameha Golf Club, featuring our peer businesses "Kai Wa'a", "The Local Gentry", "Bounty Music", and "Moloka'i Sea Farms".


This event is postponed to March 31, 2021.(Original schedule: April 1st, 2020; then, rescheduled to August 19, 2020; then, rescheduled to March 31, 2021, then to 2022...)


Since 2013, once a year, MBB hosts the "Masters of Retail Success in Maui" (MRSM), an evening of talk-story, with dinner. It gives voice to local businesses. Presenting businesses share how everything started; the bad and the good experiences in business; the road to reach where the business is now. Each business gets to talk story up to 30 minutes (with no sales tone). In 2019, MRSMaui did not happen because of Covid19.


❋ The Local Gentry - (Lana'i based, since December 1999)
❋ Bounty Music - (in Kahului, since 1979)
❋ Kai Wa'a - (in Pukalani, since 2001)
❋ Moloka'i Broodstock Company -(Moloka'i based, since 1987)

❋ Host, spokesperson: Lori Fisher❋ Emcees: Kahu David Kapaku and John Hau'oli Tomoso

❋ ❋ Please find the dinner menu at the bottom❋ ❋

5:15pm►Sign-in, Meet and Mingle
5:40pm►Dinner starts
6:15pm►Presentation starts
Four Maui based businesses to share their unique journey, full of hands-on experiences, on the road that goes to a more stable and sunnier place.

  • How they got enough inspiration to get started.
  • How their big mistakes resulted in new ideas to improve their businesses.
  • Fears they had to overcome.
  • How they have beat the odds and trends.
  • How they increase brand visibility and connect with customers.
  • How they strive to reinvent themselves to stay abreast of the times.


• What to bring: a coat (in case the room temperature gets cold)

• Important to know:

  • complimentary self-parking
  • event with no sales pitch tone,
  • your payment for the dinner will go entirely to the restaurant,
  • even if you are not eating, you will need to pay the dinner portion.
    Reason: MBB chose the option to offer dinner instead of charging the attendee for the admission (to pay for the use of the venue)


MBB member: Register via MBB Meetup and pay $62.
if you register as non-member of MBB at $65, MBB will not provide refund of $3.

[VEGETARIAN strictly diet? The price is the same. Please text[masked] after your registration.]

  • Organic Upcountry Baby Greens with Chef’s Choice of Dressings;
  • Maui Pineapple Cole Slaw;
  • Traditional Potato Salad with Fresh Chives;
  • Grilled Top Sirloin of Beef with Merlot Demi-Glaze;
  • Smokey Paniolo Baby Back Ribs;
  • Pulehu Mahi-mahi and Island Pineapple;
  • Sweet Corn-on-the-cob;
  • Steamed White Rice
  • Fresh Baked Rolls;
  • Assorted Pies;
  • Hawaiian Isle Kona Coffee and Flavored Hot Teas
  • (actual dinner cost $65. Note that MBB would have to pay for the use of the venue if it did not want food.)


Collaboration, Sponsorship and Support:
Maui Jim (MauiJim.com)
Pulama Lana'i (pulamalanai.com)
Grants Central Station
RJK LLC (RichardKehoeCPA.com)
HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union (hawaiiusafcu.com/Banking)

in Kīhei, HI ❋ What You Have in Common With Nine Entrepreneurs ❋ 2021 N.E.W.

Have you ever had a crazy idea, but hesitated to try it out? Have you tried something new that didn't go the way you thought? Come hear stories from business colleagues who have gone wild in their businesses or have survived a failed idea, and lived to tell you about it!

event offered at no charge to you, no sales talk, online RSVP required.
Plan to attend? No admission at the sign-in table if no online RSVP.


  • Debra Finkiewicz (Maui Closet)
  • Diane Haynes Woodburn (Maui No Ka Oi Magazine)
  • Glen Simkins (Coconut Glen's Ice Cream)


  • Thinking "out of the box" to increase your chance of getting more people to learn about your business and yourself
  • Preparing to think fast in unexpected situations in business meetings and other impromptu situations
  • Strategic thinking in a fast-paced environment
  • Practicing short talk-story to increase awareness of body language and tone of voice
  • "Getting out of the comfort zone" to conquer the world
  • Networking with a large audience.
  • Call out helpful thoughts or suggestions
  • Use humor to comment on the situations
  • Shout out what you have done in the past
  • When leaving the stage, the entrepreneur picks the next person to come up
  • The chosen person - if not ready – points to another one in the audience.
    N.E.W. stands for "National Entrepreneurship Week"
    SUPPORTERS and Sponsors of the Maui's 2020 "National Entrepreneurship Week" include:
  • Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
  • National Entrepreneurship Week - NatlEshipWeek
  • RJK, LLC (www.RichardKehoeCPA.com)
  • ProArts on Maui
  • Grants Central Station
  • Maui Heritage Hall
  • Roy's Ka'anapali
  • The Fairmont Kea Lani

(more names of organizations coming up...)


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