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Room: Great Hall, G1 - Google Maps (,57.586781,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5709614c8628453f!8m2!3d-20.252395!4d57.586781)

Known that AngularJS is already in use by a good number of our craftsmen, it's about time that we shed some light on the whistle and bells of Angular (version 4 and maybe 5).

This month's meetup will be covering the changes from AngularJS to Angular, and some tips and advice in regards to project migration. We're going to give a brief overview about what's new with Angular, what are the concepts, the tools best used, and we'll share our knowledge on how to get started...

Introduction to Angular - Christophe Ramsamy & Bilkiss Dulloo

It has only been a few short years, but the front end development landscape has gone through a radical change. jQuery is no longer king, and one of the new aspirant rulers is Angular.

Why Angular? What does it bring?
As an old style jQuery dev, how can i update my style? These are the questions we shall explore during this session.

Digging deeper into Angular - Cedric Poilly

Cedric is going offer some insights into his experience of and lessons learned from recent projects in Angular. This might be more of a Q&A session.

Did you already do some work in Angular? What have been your struggles? What are your tips and tricks?

SEO in Angular - Alexandre Bazile

One of the hiccups of client side framework such as Angular(4) is SEO friendliness. Server-side rendering aim to provide a solutions to make angular apps SEO friendly, faster and provide a better loading experience. Let's discover what are the server side rendering strategies and how to implement SSR into an Angular application. We'll see the current plans of the angular team and the community efforts towards SSR.

AngularJS or Angular? - Jochen Kirstätter

Working with a modern JavaScript front-end framework helps to speed up development of web applications, and surely gives a head start to your ideas. Sometimes, you might run into limitations and the overall question remains at the beginning of each new project: Which version to choose to start the project.

Angular is the new kid on the block, but AngularJS provides a richness of mature components and better integration with other front-end libraries and widget collections. Let's see and discuss about those choices.


Depending on time, there might be some showcase on running Angular in production. Let's see...

Furthermore, there will be networking and of course latest updates on Developers Conference 2018.