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Python Mauritius UserGroup (Pymug) Meetup June 2019 - Webscraping

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Python Mauritius UserGroup (Pymug) Meetup June 2019 - Webscraping


For this month, we've chosen a topic: Web Scraping. Come and learn from scratch, no passive presentations.

The web is an information gold mine. From tools to forgotten data, you have more than you can handle. But, you need to know how to grab what you need.

You might have had to

❌ each time search a website and fill some sheets or

❌ wait for a particular info to change or

❌ do some simple lookups on a badly designed website

You'll be delighted to know that those tasks can be automated. Imagine planning a complex trip without ever opening your browser to check timings ... Why constantly check for the cheapest air fare when you can have a script do it for you? Web Scraping is a MOST POWERFUL and RELEVANT skill to have in the info age.

This month we've chosen a variety of tools and topics to cover, not basics but not fine-grained, advanced issues. Here's what to expect:

πŸš€ Dissecting HTML Documents
Kherin Bundhoo

πŸš€ Basics of BeautifulSoup
Kherin Bundhoo

πŸš€ Recon with Requests
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

πŸš€ Scraping with Selenium
Dominique Theodore

πŸš€ Django as Dashboard (while using Scrapy)
Namgyal Brisson

πŸš€ What to Watch out for
... disclosing soon

πŸš€ Displaying Data
... disclosing soon

πŸš€ Feeding On Facts
Codarren Velvindron

We are dedicated to teach and promote Python, we don't like our attendees to leave without SKILLING UP. That's why we are doing it heavily HANDS-ON. That means the code stays with you even after the event if you have any question.

For queries, suggestions and Python updates, find us here:

Visit for more info.

Β· Moka