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Mens Breakfast
First Friday of the month. 6:30 am to 8:30am. This is for Home Discipled (Schooled) dads and their sons. We seat ourselves in the North End of the Restaurant. Please be prepared to order at least a $3 brownie or full breakfast. Please tip due to our size, which ranges from a handful up to 30. Young obedient boys are welcome.

Rock-N-Rogers Diner

3235 Market Street Northeast · Salem, OR

What we're about

The Basic purpose of this Meetup is to have events tailored to impact our society and culture.

Our society in a nutshell is built on industriousness & salesmanship.

Unfortunately the culture of society keeps sinking into the quicksand of immorality. This immorality is led by the infamous Sexual Revolution which is in stark contrast to the American Revolution of exceptionalism. The e-publication Imprimis of Hillsdale College has an excellent article on the Sexual Revolution, where Christians stand and how we are standing against it.

You don't have to be Christian to be a part of this Meetup, I want non-believers, as once I was, to see why our opposition vilifies us accusing us of being too deranged to speak to. Yet they spew anger and hate at every turn to anyone who dares to confront their immoral behavior and weakens their own freedom.

This Meetup isn't a separatist group, as a former non-believing adult I remember over 20 years ago being an adult and not being saved. Even though I wasn't saved, miraculously I knew enough not to want a T-shirt my mom bought for me that showed people bowing down at a cut tree stump. Although I was enamerred by the Environmentalist movement, it became obvious to me that it was hard to serve when each organization's leader had their own set of amoral rules they set up and expected everyone to follow. The church can be the same way, I will agree, but being a Protestant has given me the freedom to escape even the pitfalls of original Protestantism. The freewill to follow the Bible. I allow the Holy Spirit to convict me.

I was born after the Sexual Revolution began. I grew up in the big city of Portland Oregon. I saw first hand the conflicts as they developed in a city where morality began to wane and every form of vice began to be encouraged. The educational system was in a time of transition and the church was unable to be flexible enough to engage it. Moral people began doing what they each could where they were, similar to FDR's do what you can with what you have where you are yet without bowing down to some governmental agencies FDR was then promoting.

The Sexual Revolution makes promises of feel good results through self entitlement. Primarily entitled to someone else's person or property without their permission. The Sexual Perversion movement is the tip of the spear for the Sexual Revolution.

This Meetup will promote events that re-educate us regularly, for we constantly need it, being continually bombarded by the relentless immoral media that our society has become accustomed to.

This Meetup is over the larger area noted below while the Oregon Freedom Network is just for Oregon. I stumbled into being the supporter of OFN, which has grown through all those joining the Meetup network.

Salem, Eugene, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Salt Lake City. Oregon, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Utah. All regions affected by the eruption of Mt. Mazama (ie., Crater Lake) can participate, additionally Northern California, Nevada, Montana & Canada.

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