What we're about

If you hold Conservative principles close to your heart and are pragmatic when it comes to achieving these principles, Join Us!

Our group will meet to discuss Conservative values. Vet Local, State and Federal candidates for elected office. Inform its members on events that promote Conservative values and candidates, groups, organizations and businesses. We will have team building events, educational events, field trips, social experiments, and constructive volunteer opportunities.
~~~~~~MORE ON US~~~~~ Conservatives, believe that every human has great potential. We believe that big government ruins this potential because it expects less of people and leaves everything up to itself instead of allowing its people to work hard for what they want. We recognize that we need to learn from our past and those who came before us instead of destroying traditions that this country has valued for years upon years.

Simply put, we do not support handouts. We’re for family, and against abortion. We are for the right to own guns. We believe in living within our means and holding Government accountable. We support Law & Order, police, firefighters, border patrol, our troops and we value our veterans.

We desire to keep American principles in America instead of making this a hotbed for radical ideologies. So the opposition will call us what they will all because our ideas don’t match theirs, but we are conservative and we couldn’t be prouder of our views on how this country should be.

Past events (9)

FREEDOM FRIDAY - McHenry County 2022

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Sanctity of Life Sunday

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