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Humanists, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, Non-religious.
Monthly speakers and discussion on secular and science topics for anyone having already left or questioning their faith or religious affiliation. We emphasize reason and tolerance, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. The secular values of Freedom, Equality, Inclusion and Knowledge unite us all.

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1st ZOOM Meeting of the New Year-2021

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Scott will be presenting at 7, and it promises to be an interesting talk for sure: "We all build models of the universe in our heads--or at least we build models of some parts of the universe. (In fact, it can be argued that nearly every living thing needs a way to model its external environment with an internal model.) These models help us relate what we're thinking, planning and comprehending to what we're seeing and perceiving. Some models, like quantum electrodynamics or general relativity, are very complicated, and impossible to utilize quickly and without calculation. Other models are simple, providing a "rule of thumb" about something we're interested in." During January's talk, Scott Thompson will talk about some very simple so-called "toy models" that might be helpful in understanding the world. He'll present some of his original models for thinking about human sexuality, for disposition, for modelling the cognitive capabilities of others, and finally, for ways of reacting to existential threats. These models might be helpful to you just as they're presented, or they could inspire you to improve upon them, or build your own toy models related to other topics. Join Scott as he talks about cognitive model-building and provides some playful examples. I hope you all can make it! Ill put up an online link to the ZOOM meeting a day or so before!

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